Monday, March 10, 2014

A little sun here and a little rain there

Sun motivates me.  It gets my blood pumping, gets me thinking about the things I want to do outside, such as camping, hiking, horses, outdoor work, and enjoying life.  We had a taste of sun over the weekend and it got my brain motivated to get some serious weight off in the next couple of weeks.

Living in the rainy NW, it's easy to hibernate through the winter.  The rain sets in and I settle my bum directly into the couch for a little winter relaxation.

This last year my hubby and I tried to do some snowshoeing and stay active but my heart wasn't in it.  I let my negative thinking about where I should have been weight-wise sabotage my athletic efforts. Each time we'd head out for a little workout, I'd berate myself for being fat and slow again.  That would in turn make me even slower and thus even fatter.  Such a vicious cycle!

When I was most successful in my weight loss, I didn't let rain, sleet, snow or anything stop me from getting out there. I was like the mail and didn't let any kind of weather hold me back.  This last year, I let myself down mentally and physically. I let the fact that my old rain coats didn't fit me keep me from getting out there. I mean, really.  That thought came into my brain a couple times.  Silly!  Buy a new coat!!!!!

I can turn that around though.  Starting now.  This weekend I let the sun help me turn an important weight loss corner.  The sun came out and it spurred hope in my heart.  Well, hope and a twinge of panic!  There is very little time left before camping, hiking, horse riding and outdoor play time hits me.  I can't wait to be involved in all of that but I want to do it and be prepared for it.  Right now, I'm just not and regardless of whatever is happening outside, I must get walking, moving, losing, and focused.

Walking 5 days a week was my old habit and it did good things for my body.  I'm committing right now to walking every day this week.  Rain, shine, whatever!  It means I need to make some adjustments to my schedule but it's worth it.

 Spring is filled with hope and I plan to latch onto that, pull it into my heart/brain and use it to do great things for myself in the coming weeks.

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