Thursday, March 22, 2012

I either worked on my goal today ... or I didn't

I like a page on Facebook called I Love to Run.  They post positive quotes, sayings, stories, etc all about running and motivation.  It's a GREAT page.  At the end of everyday, they'll post their quote: "You either ran today or you didn't".

The first time that showed up in my newsfeed it made me stop and think.  Hmmm ... I either ran today or I didn't.  It just so happened I hadn't so of course my first reaction was shame and kind of a bit of disappointment in myself.  That's a bummer and certainly not the best approach to motivation!

So I thought, why not flip that around.  What if when I wake up in the morning and right when my eyes pop open I say to myself:  "I'm either working on my goal today or I'm not".  That felt better because it was something that was ahead of me.  I still had a decision to make. 

But wait. 

That's a step in the right direction but is it right? I mean it's positive and all but with the addition or "or I'm not", I'm giving myself an out.  The thing about a decision is that once it's made, I should be cutting myself off from any other possibility. There shouldn't be an "I'm not" option.  Right?

So I tweaked it again.  "Today, I'm working on my goal."

Having pondered all of this last night, I woke up and literally the first thing that came into my mind was "Today I'm working on my goal".  Let me tell ya, that's a powerful first thought!  Instead of thinking of all the things I had to do today, or how much I'd rather stay in bed or how much snow we had last night (YES! SNOW!!!!! Ick), I thought of my goal. 

That's been motivating me all day.  I suppose I could start the day saying that to myself and even repeating it out loud and then perhaps at night saying "I either worked on my goal today or I didn't" but the truth again is that I don't want there to be an "I didn't".  I know life happens, but this is a stage in my life.  In this stage, I can make wise food choices and propel myself to my weight loss goals.  I'm not giving up pizza forever ... just until I lose the weight.

I can do that.

Motivation is powerful as is self talk.  Today, I'm finding my motivation in the words I'm speaking and thinking to myself. 

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