Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wonderful One-derland

I'm thrilled to report that I'm finally back in One-derland and it's an awesome place to be.

I've waffled (perhaps a poor choice of words) back and forth between being elated to be back in the land of the 100's and being annoyed that I ever got into the terrible 200's again.

Today though, I'm resolved to be thankful for the lessons and progress and celebrate the fact that I'm becoming the person I was always meant to be.

Lessons are learned in all phases of life and this phase has been incredibly valuable.

I'm making a public vow as of right now that I will never, ever, never, ever be in the 200's again. I'm realizing that I'm worth awesome things and that includes being healthy, happy, and fit.

I'm doing the Spring Team Challenge (TC) at The Healthy Weigh and am so excited about the next 10 weeks. The first goal in my TC journey is being below 200 again. The second goal will be getting to my lowest weight as of yet which would be 188. And, from there, I'll charge forward to my third goal which is to lose at least 30 pounds in this 10 week timeframe.

In the meantime, I'm dreaming up all sorts of awesome rewards for myself for getting below 200. It needs to be a big reward. This needs to be something I remember and can hold onto ... something tangible. Ideas are welcome!

One-derland is WONDERFUL!


  1. That is awesome news. Congrat. I wish I could help you about the reward. I am still thinking about what I would do when I hit onederland. LOL

  2. Thanks, Grace! You'll get there! And I can't wait to hear what your reward will be!

    I just got mine ... I splurged on some new perfume which might not be too lasting but when I put it on in the store I felt great. And I made the whole buying process a great adventure by testing out each perfume and really finding the one that spoke most to me. I've never done that before so it was a fun little treat. :D

  3. Good job! I knew you had it in you. Once you commit you are on fire! :) Grats on being in Onderland

  4. Just touching bases and making sure you are doing okay.

  5. Now I just feel like I am a stalker lol... I just wanted to check in. Hope all is well

  6. Yoho, nice article. Never give up when you are trying to lose weight :)


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