Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Still Here!

I'm so thankful for Katie J ... She's the bug in my ear and reminds me when it's been awhile and I need to post. I do tend to get busy, living life, and forget to update my blogging buddies on my progress. How dare I!

The truth is that life is GREAT right now. I lost 38 pounds in the team challenge and since it ended I'm down another 4 pounds. I'm currently 200.3 and can't wait to break back through to One-der-land! It's going to happen this Tuesday. I know it!

I'm doing the Spring Team Challenge and that will help keep me honest and on target. I'm wearing all my "old" clothes again and am back to feeling like I can do this whole weight loss thing.

With 42 pounds gone, I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I can reach my ultimate goal. I want to be 157. That's another 43.3 pounds. I soooooo got this in me and I'm charging ahead.

For the first time in my weight loss history, I know there's a 157 pound girl in inside me. Up until now, I've doubted I could get there because I'd never been that small and really couldn't even fathom what that would feel like.

Well folks, I still don't fully understand what it will be like but I know it will feel amazing! If I feel this good at 200, how in the world will I feel when I'm at 157? I'll be confident. Secure. Accomplished. Successful. Those are words I never would have used to describe myself but I see them within my grasp as I get closer and closer to my ultimate goal.

The new team challenge kicks off next week and I'm READY! Could I lose another 38 pounds in this challenge? SURE! Why not? If I'm focused, on plan, and determined (as I am), I can accomplish anything!


  1. xoxo I can't wait to see you get there!!

  2. I have no doubt you will get there. Good job and welcome back we missed you!

  3. You CAN do this!! WOOHOO! Good for you, girlie. Just the encouragement I needed not to go make a bowl of ice cream for a snack. Apple, here I come! :)


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