Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Learning

Today is one of those days when I didn't want to get out of bed, I wasn't thrilled to go into the office, and I had every single excuse in the book as to why I shouldn't and couldn't go on my regular walk. I was even making excuses about food and thinking up off plan options like coffee treats from Starbucks (think scones) and/or a drive through lunch.

These are the kinds of days when being on plan is even more important. These kind of days are the ones that teach me things about myself and my abilities. These days teach and I (hopefully) learn.

After much battling with myself over the whole walking thing, when finally did step out the door, my mind instantly went negative. Ugh! Rain! AGAIN (we've had rain literally 60 days straight!)! Those thoughts and my icky attitude made putting each foot in front of the other a complete struggle. My legs didn't want to move and when I glanced down at my iphone to see my pace, I was embarrassed to see a measly 15.25 MPH on the screen. I could do better. I needed to do better. I mean, why be out there in the pouring rain if I wasn't going to actually burn those icky calories???? Wouldn't that be a complete waste of this time?

So put all my energy into my steps and repeated to myself over and over "I'm learning today and I want to learn to do this right." A few minutes later I looked down at my iPhone for the current pace. 12:45 MPH. Much better!

It's amazing what our thought life can do for or against us. Today isn't over and I've found myself struggling with cravings this afternoon but I just keep going back to those words I repeated to myself on the walk. "I'm learning today and I want to learn to do this right."

It's helping me resist the doughnuts in the kitchen. I can do this. Weigh in is on Tuesday and I'm going to be below 200 but only if I stay focused.

And I will because I'm learning.

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  1. Just stumbled across this blog and I'm already in love with it. As a person trying to lose weight and get healthy its really inspiring and motivates me to carry on when things get tough.Seeing other people that have achieved their goals is fantastic and inspiring - and all the people featured look fantastic!


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