Thursday, March 10, 2011

Those Sweet Moments

There are days when dieting is hard. No, it's more than hard. It's a true battle. Those are the days when everything is a temptation and each decision to stay on plan is a discussion.

Then there are days when dieting is easy. It flows. You feel in the groove and know without a shadow of a doubt nothing that could happen would divert your path.

I'm in the groove right now. A week or so ago, I was in the battle. I have ups and downs like that and I'm not 100% sure what turns the tides from the downs to the ups and vice versa. What I do know, is that when I'm in the groove, the weight falls off. Did I happen to mention that I like the groove? It's a good place to be!

This week I'm already down 4 pounds since Tuesday and have another couple days to ensure that I hit a 5 lb weight loss next week. That's my personal goal. I'd really like for that to happen. So I'm making it happen by not diverting on my meal plan whatsoever and ensuring I'm walking or jogging at least 4 miles every day. It's happening, people, and it's a great thing!

On another note, I put on my DKNY jeans this morning. They are super cute, if I do say so myself! My butt looked great in them back in the day and you know, it looks good in them again now! I'm within 18 pounds of my lowest so technically these jeans used to be loose and now they're skin tight. It doesn't matter though. I'm wearing them today anyway because I'm celebrating the fact that I can even pull these suckers on over my hips.

Today, the groove is a powerful place to be. It's filled with confidence, freedom, and decision. I'm relishing it and going with the flow of food victories!

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