Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What a Weigh In!

Down another 4 pounds for a total of 19 pounds lost at the challenge. Wuhoo! I'm super excited about this and I'm finding that my clothes are fitting so much better, I have tons of more energy, and I'm feeling so much more confident.

As a reward, tonight I'm meeting a friend after work for dinner (of course on plan) and some shopping. I need to get a few new workout clothes. The pants I was wearing are getting pretty lose and I need to replace them so that I can keep up with the jogging. I do plan to be a jogger by the end of the summer and in order to do that, I need my pants to stay up! Kind of important, huh?

I was a bit disappointed that my teammate didn't make the noon challenge because she was having some car trouble. I missed her and was really looking forward to our team kicking some weight loss butt today! She'll be weighing in later though and I'm anxious to see her results.

Anyway, just a quick post today because there's a lot going on at work (shhhhh ... don't tell them I'm doing double duty!). I just wanted to share the good weight loss news!

Here's to staying strong, focused, and determined!


  1. You are doing so good. I am so proud of you. Just reading your blog it sounds more like you and a much happier person. I am so happy to have you back. Gracie


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