Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Expectations

I'm anxious to see what the scale will say tomorrow. I've been on plan for the most part even though there was a minor incident last week involving Mexican food and a few chips and salsa. It was the first slip I've had since being back on plan so I didn't let it derail me too far. I ate what I ate ... and then stayed focused and on plan since then.

By my home scale I'm down another 4 pounds. The Healthy Weigh's scale generally shows a 2 pound difference so I'm hoping to at least be down 2 - 3 by tomorrow.

On another note, it's Valentine's day. What an odd feeling this is ... I'm not with someone this year to celebrate the day which I'm finding is actually a relief.

Last year I had expectations and ideas as to what this day should be and was severely disappointed when TS didn't do anything to recognize the day. What did I do? Turned to food of course!

Today, I have no expectations. In fact, I planned a fun night with a friend where we'll have a light dinner and then spend time with the horses but my only expectation of the day is that I'll be filled up emotionally by these fun activities.

It's a good day and it's a good time in my life. I'm still trying to get a handle on my head some days but it's getting easier to stay focused and take care of myself first and foremost. The eating part is getting easier and easier as I'm losing. I'm actually wearing a pair of jeans today that I'd forgotten I even owned. I pulled them out this morning and thought "hmmm.... wonder if these will fit" ... and ... they did! That feeling of success feels way better than any amount of food I might stuff in my face.

Here's to a great weight loss tomorrow!

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  1. OK, I have to say it. "Nothing taste as good as being thin feels." Man, I always hated that saying. Usually some skinny Biotch would say it. LOL. But dang if it aint true. Keep up the great work. Gracie


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