Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dating Dieters

It is possible to diet and date ... Who knew? Last time I was dating I was feeling good so I was taking some liberties with my food choices. I didn't pay too much attention if I drank a beer or two, downed a bit of off plan food, or otherwise didn't stick 100% to plan. In fact, I was embarrassed to let these guys know that I was dieting because then I'd need to tell them where I'd come from. That was hard and next to impossible for me to do. When I told TS about my weight history, it was only after we'd been dating for a couple months and when I told him, I was shaking and scared thinking he'd reject me on the spot because of the old fat me I used to be. Wow.

This time around though, I'm 100% focused on my goal and that means staying 100% focused on every one of my eating choices. That's hard to do when most dates want to take you out to dinner, dancing, or some other such food temptation. It's doable though and I'm actually finding it quite liberating.

What I'm finding is that if I'm out with a guy and I don't want to tell him why I eat salad, then I guess I probably shouldn't be out with him in the first place! Not saying that my dates are all about my eating choices, but it is important for me to embrace who I was and present that to someone as the whole me.

It's been interesting to reach this point and I'm not sure where it will lead me. What I do know is that I've never been more determined and focused than I am right now. I feel like instead of hiding where I came from, I'm actually embracing it and moving past it.

This is a great adventure and I'm living it each day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Numbers! Oh happy day!

Yeah, I'm a goober but I'm super excited to be in new numbers today and down 4.8 for the week. Yippeee!!!!! 5 weeks into this renewed weight loss thing and I'm down approximately 25 pounds. Sweet!

Top that little tidbit off with the fact that yesterday I jogged a whole mile without stopping, dying, hyperventilating, or feeling like I was going to vomit and I'm counting this as one of my most successful weeks in awhile!

In fact, I was super excited about the running bit and plan to make that a regular habit. I have tried it before but haven't been the best at truly committing to it. I was doing short jogs between my walking bursts but I'd like to get up to jogging a 5K race sometime this summer.

I might ... maybe ... even sign up for something to give me a goal to work toward ... GASP!

Things are changing physically and mentally and it's a good thing. I'm thankful for where I'm at right now even though I know I have further to go. I'm on the right path and that's priceless.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Expectations

I'm anxious to see what the scale will say tomorrow. I've been on plan for the most part even though there was a minor incident last week involving Mexican food and a few chips and salsa. It was the first slip I've had since being back on plan so I didn't let it derail me too far. I ate what I ate ... and then stayed focused and on plan since then.

By my home scale I'm down another 4 pounds. The Healthy Weigh's scale generally shows a 2 pound difference so I'm hoping to at least be down 2 - 3 by tomorrow.

On another note, it's Valentine's day. What an odd feeling this is ... I'm not with someone this year to celebrate the day which I'm finding is actually a relief.

Last year I had expectations and ideas as to what this day should be and was severely disappointed when TS didn't do anything to recognize the day. What did I do? Turned to food of course!

Today, I have no expectations. In fact, I planned a fun night with a friend where we'll have a light dinner and then spend time with the horses but my only expectation of the day is that I'll be filled up emotionally by these fun activities.

It's a good day and it's a good time in my life. I'm still trying to get a handle on my head some days but it's getting easier to stay focused and take care of myself first and foremost. The eating part is getting easier and easier as I'm losing. I'm actually wearing a pair of jeans today that I'd forgotten I even owned. I pulled them out this morning and thought "hmmm.... wonder if these will fit" ... and ... they did! That feeling of success feels way better than any amount of food I might stuff in my face.

Here's to a great weight loss tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What a Weigh In!

Down another 4 pounds for a total of 19 pounds lost at the challenge. Wuhoo! I'm super excited about this and I'm finding that my clothes are fitting so much better, I have tons of more energy, and I'm feeling so much more confident.

As a reward, tonight I'm meeting a friend after work for dinner (of course on plan) and some shopping. I need to get a few new workout clothes. The pants I was wearing are getting pretty lose and I need to replace them so that I can keep up with the jogging. I do plan to be a jogger by the end of the summer and in order to do that, I need my pants to stay up! Kind of important, huh?

I was a bit disappointed that my teammate didn't make the noon challenge because she was having some car trouble. I missed her and was really looking forward to our team kicking some weight loss butt today! She'll be weighing in later though and I'm anxious to see her results.

Anyway, just a quick post today because there's a lot going on at work (shhhhh ... don't tell them I'm doing double duty!). I just wanted to share the good weight loss news!

Here's to staying strong, focused, and determined!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Another successful weekend in the books and I'm feelin' great!

It was an action packed weekend with food temptations around every corner.

Friday night I went with some friends to see the Professional Bull Riders (PBR). We met at a brewery and while they indulged in burgers and brews, I enjoyed a chicken salad with dressing on the side. At the event, I passed up beer and instead had a tastey diet soda. After the event, a couple of us went out for a few "drinks". Diet soda was again my drink of choice. Shockingly, I wasn't tempted. I was instead proud of my decisions.

On Saturday, I had a date (eek!) and knew that a dinner out would mean even more temptation. I was ready for it though. We went to Mexican where I passed up the chips and salsa and instead again ordered a nice big salad that I topped with spicy salsa. It was a great night even though he teased me about eating rabbit food. That's ok though. The teasing was in good fun and I knew that I'd rather be eating rabbit food and feeling slim, pretty, and sexy rather than eating something else and feeling bloated, greasy, and out of control. That was priceless and worth a little teasing.

Yesterday, Super Bowl. The prime time for me to go off track. But, I ate before I went to the party and knew that while I was there, I would focus on the game and the company instead of eying the treats. I passed up chips, candy (M&M's to be exact), and birthday cake.

This weekend of food temptation was only missing pizza! But going through a busy, food rich weekend and being successful was awesome. I kept my own needs front and center throughout the entire weekend and I'm so proud of that. Nothing like tooting my own horn here ... but when I slipped on my size 8 jeans and they were comfortable and I felt sexy in them, that was worth way more to me than any food I might have slipped into my mouth. Success is by far sweeter!

Tomorrow's weigh-in is gonna be great!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fast Food Temptation

On my lunch time walks, I pass no less than a ton of restaurants. Sonic, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Panera, Olive Garden, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, Little Cesears, Pita Pit, sushi, and a few others. These are all very smelly restaurants too.

That means, as I'm trying to focus and complete my lunch time exercise, I'm consistently being harassed by the lunch smells.

Today I was pushing hard. I was throwing in some jogging (eek!) but with each step, I couldn't help but be slightly tempted by the beckoning smells. Yes, I'll admit it, the smells of grease and garlic entice me.

I was imaging the smells as being hands wafting out of the restaurants gesturing me to come indulge. When the gesturing didn't work, I felt them stick their fingers into my nostrils and try to physically pull me by the nose hairs into the restaurant doors. The thing is though, none of it worked today. As much as the garlic tempted me (and oh boy did it tempt!) I kept repeating to myself "nothing tastes as good as being thin feels, nothing tastes as good as being thin feels, etc.". Each time I repeated that statement, a finger loosened it grip and instead of pulling me forward to the doors, started pushing me from behind and giving me a bit of a nudge to "go faster and farther".

I started to think about how many calories were in those foods, how they used to play such a large role in my life, and how the work I was doing in my wog (walk/jog) was a result of my poor eating out choices in the past. That, more than anything else, propelled me forward today.

I completed my 4.25 miles with a new time record, ate my salad for lunch, and felt pretty darn successful and empowered.

The fact is that those foods don't feel good and quite honestly, they don't taste all that great either. Sure the instant they cross the tongue is good but once they hit the stomach, the guilt hits the brain and that's icky.

It's amazing what a little self-talk can do to turn the mood around, huh?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Numbers!

Woot woot! All the hard work and determination have paid off with a reward of new numbers and a weekly weight loss of 4.6 pounds. I'll take it!!!!

I'm so thankful to be headed in the right direction. Stepping onto the scale feels great because I know I've done all I could to be on plan.

Hearing Dan Russell talk today was awesome as well. He's amazing and so inspirational. He reminded me that keeping my eyes on my goals and then doing everything I can physically to reach them will make me successful over the long run. Hard work over a long period of time will equal success. So true.

I'm in process of changing a bit of stinkin' thinkin'. It's the same thing that reared it's head last Tuesday and I guess I didn't realize how much it was ingrained in me but historically this would have been my "cheat" day and I find myself thinking of "cheats" and "sneaks". Weird how those old tapes start playing when we least expect them. I'm down 15 pounds in 2 weeks and on the day I should be celebrating, my brain is confusing my efforts. But ... I will NOT go down that path!

Instead, each time a "cheat" pops into my head, I'm thinking of things I could instead to reward my efforts ... like tonight I'm going jean shopping and on Friday I'm getting a manicure and pedicure. Those are far more rewarding in the long run and as I redirect my brain and old tapes, I'm getting more and more excited for the coming weeks.

I know this week I can be 100% on plan again. When that happens, I'll be down another couple pounds. When I'm down another couple pounds my clothes will fit better and I'll feel more energized. I'll also be that much closer to my goal. This is doable. And I'm doing it!