Friday, January 21, 2011

Starting to Repair

I've been taking time to really get some things in order and repair, move on, and process. I've been hit left, and right, and squarely in the middle with a few things I've had to deal with in order to make this year the best year it could possibly be. So, having said that, I've processed and am back and progressing.

I signed up on with the Winter Team Challenge at THW and in so doing am feeling that passion, excitement, and energy I had when I was first losing weight. I've never been this "on plan" and feel the weight melting off of me as I type this. I have so much focus that it's annoying even me!

My teammate is as dedicated as I am and I know this challenge is ours to win ... whether we take home the grand prize is irrelevant. We will win by staying focused and seeing this through. So, that's the plan. To be on plan, to drop the weight, and live my life as I once was doing.

I've spent a lot of time reflecting back on where I was before I entered into my relationship with TS. I was full of life, confidence, and excitement about the future. Somewhere along the way, I lost that girl and reverted back to the sad, unworthy girl. I can see the better me standing just a few feet away and she's reaching out to me. I've just about got her hand and I'm anxious to get to know her again.

In the meantime, team Slimsational is in the house! We're rockin' the challenge and are dropping weight like it's a hot potato!


  1. Awesome!! I cant wait to see the progress! Go team Slimsational!! (love the name)

  2. They need a "like" button on here, like on FB! :-)

  3. They need a "like" button on here, like on FB! :-)


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