Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Results of Week 1

Week 1 back on plan and the results are in ... 10.something (perhaps .6 it was all a blur of excitement) lost in one week. Wooooooooooot!!!!!! I love that.

There was so much weight lost today in the noon challenge that the results were staggering. I was so inspired and in awe of people that are truly committing to this process and in so doing were shedding pounds like it was going outta style. And ... it was going outta style! Being fat isn't stylish, it's icky. We're not gonna be fat for much longer.

I faced many interesting challenges my first week back on plan. It's been a doozy from a relationship standpoint but oddly enough, eating on plan and taking care of myself has made those things manageable. I faced them, dealt with them, and am moving on accordingly. My attitude has improved, I have way more energy, and I'm just all around a happier person. This is the me I like and am happy to see again.

As an aside, I'm also proud that I spent my first day "alone" while on plan. I was so worried that without someone around to keep me occupied, I'd get lonely and would therefore stuff my face ... but you know what? That didn't happen. In fact, I used that day as a "me" day and had a blast. I had an amazing horse ride in the morning and then I came home and spent time prepping my food for the week. I baked pumpkin custard, thai chicken, and packaged up my lunches for the week. I followed that up with an awesome bubble bath and a good book. It was a wonderfully relaxing day that was exactly what I needed to start off a new week.

The mind plays such tricks on us, doesn't it? The trick is not to let it. I'm proud that I didn't let my mind interfere with my process for the week and in so doing was successful on my diet. Here's to another week with even more success!

I mean, what if I stayed 100% on plan this week too??? How much could I lose by Tuesday? What is my body able to do? I don't know the answer but I'm about to find out ....


  1. What a week Wendy! What if?...is right! You have persevered this week and your 10.6 pounds proved that today! Saddle up girlfriend...you've got a trail to blaze!

  2. Laurie of "Laurie's Blueberry Pancakes"January 25, 2011 at 10:30 PM

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Congrats on your 10ish pounds that will never return. :) I've thought "what if" so many times today already. Looking forward to seeing you rock the scales again next week.

  3. Thanks, Ladies!

    Laurie: You did awesome as well. Thank you also for your awesome, amazing, wonderful pancakes! I had those over the weekend and what a GREAT treat. They really helped me stay on plan and for that, I love you. :D

    Letha: I also can't help but think, in a week where we're asking "what if", what if I hadn't met you? Wow. That's a scary path to go down, huh? And one I'm thankful I don't need to trudge through. You are the best. Seriously.


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