Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fast Food Temptation

On my lunch time walks, I pass no less than a ton of restaurants. Sonic, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Panera, Olive Garden, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, Little Cesears, Pita Pit, sushi, and a few others. These are all very smelly restaurants too.

That means, as I'm trying to focus and complete my lunch time exercise, I'm consistently being harassed by the lunch smells.

Today I was pushing hard. I was throwing in some jogging (eek!) but with each step, I couldn't help but be slightly tempted by the beckoning smells. Yes, I'll admit it, the smells of grease and garlic entice me.

I was imaging the smells as being hands wafting out of the restaurants gesturing me to come indulge. When the gesturing didn't work, I felt them stick their fingers into my nostrils and try to physically pull me by the nose hairs into the restaurant doors. The thing is though, none of it worked today. As much as the garlic tempted me (and oh boy did it tempt!) I kept repeating to myself "nothing tastes as good as being thin feels, nothing tastes as good as being thin feels, etc.". Each time I repeated that statement, a finger loosened it grip and instead of pulling me forward to the doors, started pushing me from behind and giving me a bit of a nudge to "go faster and farther".

I started to think about how many calories were in those foods, how they used to play such a large role in my life, and how the work I was doing in my wog (walk/jog) was a result of my poor eating out choices in the past. That, more than anything else, propelled me forward today.

I completed my 4.25 miles with a new time record, ate my salad for lunch, and felt pretty darn successful and empowered.

The fact is that those foods don't feel good and quite honestly, they don't taste all that great either. Sure the instant they cross the tongue is good but once they hit the stomach, the guilt hits the brain and that's icky.

It's amazing what a little self-talk can do to turn the mood around, huh?


  1. I also go for a long walk at lunch. But thank god I dont have to walk by any fast food. The smell would make it difficult. Not that I would cheat. But it would make me hungry.

  2. Great job avoiding all the fast food restaurants on your walk. Love your blog. Keep the great posts coming!!

  3. Dumb fast food smells are the worst!! So glad you are going strong! I have started walking at lunch and it helps a ton to get through those afternoon munchies.


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