Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Numbers Update

Down 2 pounds! Wuhoo! I'm on the cusp of the 220s and for that, I'm thankful. This is happening and I'm so excited to be headed in the right direction.

On another note, I made a goober outta myself again yesterday. It's becoming a Tuesday routine!

I participated in The Healthy Weigh's lunch time activity which meant I had to do like the other normal, well adjusted, dieters were doing and talk to the group. Out loud. In public. In front of people. While they looked at me.

So really what happened was that I stood up in front of a few people, turned 20 shades of red, cried, and I think I even snorted at them. Yeah, that's right, I said I snorted. I literally snorted. You know that snorty crying thing that happens when you're trying to hold back your tears 'cause you feel like a goober for crying and in so doing it gets all bottled up and finally explodes through your nose in a loud snort? Yeah, that's what I did. In front of people. While I was shaking in my shoes and pacing from being so darn nervous to be standing in front of them.

It's a funny thing. I can stand in front of a room of executives and talk about web stuff or branding or whatever marketing mumbo jumbo might need to be discussed but put me out in front of anyone to talk about something personal and I melt. It turns out I snort a bit too. (embarrassing!)

What I wanted to relate (and quite honestly it's all a blur so I'm not sure if I did this or not) was this:

I've lost weight before. A lot of weight ~ 118 pounds to be exact. But, I gained 50 of that back. What I learned about myself while I was in the process of gaining was as powerful as what I'm learning when I'm losing.

This weight loss thing is what you make it. If you're rushing through it to get to the end ... you'll find the end isn't reachable because it's not real. In weight loss, perfection doesn't exist and finality is a pipe dream. If you take the time to learn the why and how, stumble along the way, and then truly commit to lasting life changes, then you'll have greater success.

This is my life. I live each day with the choices I make and the things I learn along the way. I stumble over cookies and popcorn or I may fall flat on my red face with a glass of wine and some meatballs. But each time I do that and pick myself back up, I learn where the pitfalls are so I can maneuver through them in the future.

I'm truly committed to lasting change because I know deep down in my soul I'm worthy of more than what I've been giving myself the last 33 (eek!) years. I'm worth finishing this journey and literally being half the size I was on the outside while being triple what I was on the inside.

That's what this is about for me. Life. Living. Self-worth. Success. Change.

Thank you to everyone that shared at THW yesterday. Each comment was touching and inspiring in it's own way. I LOVE it and it energizes me! Your stories are powerful and keep me pointed in the right direction. Let's continue to share because we can all learn so much from others along this same path.

Oh, and someone mentioned that they're doing the sugar free flavors in their coffees ... I wanted to mention but didn't want to risk another snort, it's awesome to mix the flavors together too. Try a sugar free hazelnut vanilla or hazelnut cinnamon dolce mix. It's super yummy!

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  1. Wendy, I snorted when I read this one...but I was laughing! Thank you for sharing yesterday AND today! You have such a way with words...even at the podium yesterday!


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