Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Future Me

I finally got caught up on The Biggest Loser and boy was I inspired! I think this is the first time in the seasons I've watched where the majority of final contestants are solid, dedicated, and 100% deserving. I love that show.

My humble opinion aside though, did anyone else see the videos they made for their future skinny selves? It got me thinking ... what if I wrote a note to my goal-weight self? What things would I tell myself to help me remember where I came from. When the high of being thin wears off, what thought would I put in my own mind to inspire myself to stay the course? Is that a mouthful or what!

Anyway, interesting concept.

Here's my letter.

Dearest Skinny Wendy:

You are my inspiration, my aspiration, and most importantly my greatest
motivation. You are the person I've always wanted to be, but until now, couldn't find. You're the person that I knew was inside just waiting to become a reality.

I can't tell you how badly I want to be you right now.

The confidence, security, and power you exhibit and have inside of you is awe inspiring.

Although you need to be rejoicing and celebrating your weight loss victory, you also need to remember how painful being the bigger Wendy was. Don't forget that when you were heavier, you didn't want to do things with others, you had little confidence, and you felt powerless in most things. I am miserable in my own skin and that's something you should remember when the skinny route seems hard to muster.

Take a moment to reflect back on how hard it was for me to get on my horse, how I would get winded at a bit of a canter, and feel again how walking across the parking lot would send my heart into tremors. Those are things you never ever never ever ever want back in your life. In case you need help remembering, check out the pics below.

Having said that, don't lose sight of the now while looking to the past. Recognize that wherever you're at, it's where you need to be. Perfection is an illusion but hard work, determination, and goals are priceless.

Trust, self-worth, and accomplishment are what you've been missing and what drives you now.

I so absolutely can't wait to meet you! You, girl friend, truly do rock!

With unconditional love,
~ Me


  1. I can't tell you how much your posts have helped me keep going on this journey. I love the idea of recording/writing a reminder to yourself of where you are going and the pain of your current state. It's always hard for me to understand why I continue to go off program. I feel fantastic when I'm on program, but I keep running back to food. Maybe a concrete reminder like that will help me break that destructive pattern of behavior.

  2. Thank you both. 123me, I think we keep going back to food because it's the known vs the unknown. At least that's part of it for me. It seems almost easier to cave and give into the call of indulgence then to wait it out and investigate why I'm wanting to indulge in the first place. I know what you mean though about feeling better when you're on program. I do too. The food is such a backstabber! :D We'd never be friends with someone that turned on us so quickly and yet we accept it from ourselves and food. Weird how that works ... but ... the good news is that we're both working to change it and that's going to happen sooner rather than later!

    Here's to another great week of weight loss and discovery!


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