Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We're doing it!!!!!

Yep, TS and I ARE doing it. TS was down 6-something and I was down 2.8 since last Tuesday.

I was worried that this week wouldn't have shown a big drop after the drop the week prior ... but ... 2.8 is great and I'm thrilled!

I've finally hit a groove with my eating. I don't have cravings as often and I'm feeling fuller with less food. The gym is starting to be a routine too. I finally feel like I'm on track and can kick this weight off once and for all. That's a great place to me. It's a peaceful place. It's a place of confidence and power.

My reward today for a 2.8 drop is some quality time with my horse tonight. A I'm riding, I'll be feeling great about again fitting better in my saddle, getting on the horse a bit easier, and just generally feeling better about my body. I'm going to make a point to think about each thing I want to do better still and even those things I can now do better again. I want to have that front of mind and I'll be sure to thank myself for putting in the hard work to say yes to the good and no to the bad.

With this kinda loss, I wonder what next week will bring!

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