Friday, October 1, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge

I'm diving in, making a commitment, and aiming to change my life.

I participated in The Healthy Weigh's Team Challenge before and although I didn't win first place, it was a boost I needed to stay on target during some really rough times in my life. I'm ready for that push again. The weekly weigh in's in front of a crowd will force me to be accountable. No one, especially a fragile dieter, wants to hear "up just a little". Add hearing that in front of 20 - 30 people and you've got one committed dieter! I know that shove will help hold me firmly in line for the next 10 weeks.

TS is doing the challenge with me. That makes the weight loss journey so much more enjoyable! Knowing we are accountable to one another and then holding each other to that promise throughout the day will make meal time and weekends so much easier. Although TS is great, it is hard to be with someone that's indulging when I know I can't. After 10 weeks, my "no" will be fixed and I'll be able to hold firm while I continue on the journey. In the beginning though, I need all the help I can get! Plus, TS is a boy and boys lose faster than gals so I'm thinking we might have a real chance here if we stick to plan and work hard together!

I'm still debating on team names but might have maybe settled on "Gut-Less Couple". Any suggestions? I want something positive and fun. For some inspiration, check out the other team names from a challenge or two ago.

I'm excited for this Challenge and am so ready to kick some team booty!

Let's rock!


  1. Dynamic Dieting Duo
    Hot & Healthy
    Loveable Losers
    Fit & Fierce Folks

    :-D Hope you guys WIN the Challenge and I am looking forward to hearing what name you came up with. Have a good weekend Miss Wendy!

  2. love the name!! You and TS will rock it! you have my support 100%!


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