Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weigh In Wonders

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Everyone at the Team Challenge did sooooo well for their first week! I was so truly inspired by the pounds that were lost in the 5:00 group and I can only imagine it went up and up and up from there in the other groups. I mean really, women that already look pretty good were dropping 10+ pounds ... awesome! And the guys ... well ... really ... come on now. You guys make it look so easy!

As for team Gut-LESS, TS and I held strong and that paid off with a 7.6 loss for me and a 8.2 loss for him which is a 3.2% loss for our team. We are team #10 out of 50 ... Woot! Woot! I'll sooooo take that!

Certainly it's not about beating other teams because, as Letha mentioned last night, by losing we're all winning. I'd be just as happy with our weight loss had we been team #50 out of 50 because I know we worked hard for it and in so doing, our bodies rewarded us with the loss we had. Having said that, there's something pretty nice about being where we're at in the standings. I feel like we have a shot to take home the big prize. Being focused is more important now than it ever was before.

Now the hard work really begins. Week 1 is always a loss ... week 2 ... that's where the body and mind want to rebel. The mind starts playing tricks on me. Mine is already starting in on things like "you can't keep that kind of loss up" and "might as well give in now because others will always do better than you" and "just one little bite of something bad won't hurt" etc etc etc etc etc etc etc ....


Today I'm working hard to control my thoughts and I hereby refuse to let my wrong thought-life rule my weight loss and choices!!!!

I'm focused, strong, and I WILL succeed!

Congrats to all the teams in the challenge. I'm so inspired by you and am thrilled to be part of this competition with you all.


  1. Huuuge congrats!

    'I'm focused, strong, and I WILL succeed!'

    You have inspired and motivated me. I am going to repeat that quote over and over and over again to myself. Been struggling for a couple weeks but i'm done now!

    I'm focused, strong, and I WILL succeed!!

  2. This Is Me: YES! You are focus, strong, and you WILL succeed! Print that out, stick it on your mirror and say it out loud to yourself every chance you can. I'm a firm believer in the fact that what we speak becomes our reality. Speak it to make it happen! I'm so happy to have inspired you! Let's do this together!



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