Monday, October 11, 2010

Preparing for Success

I'm so thankful that TS and I are doing this challenge together. It was hard to ask him to do it because it meant I had to ask for help. I seriously needed him to be on board with this to kick me into high gear and having him invested in it with me, has made it all that more fun.

Yes, I said it, it's been fun.

We've been planning, shopping, organizing, and supporting each others and (hopefully) tomorrow, we'll be celebrating together too.

TS is even writing down his food and saying "no" to beer and birthday cake ... I'm tellin' ya, this guy is great and I'm so thankful he's my partner. His firm convictions and dedication to this challenge have me even more inspired and committed. If he's doing it, I MUST do it! I was the one that roped us into this in the first place for goodness sakes!

Tomorrow is our weigh in. I know he'll drop weight (he's a boy ... boys drop weight just by thinking about it!) and I've been 100% on plan and will drop too. I don't know if it will be enough to put us in the top place for the week, but quite honestly, I don't mind.

I'm proud of us for getting through the hardest week. We stayed focused regardless of a busy weekend, birthday celebration, and about a million other things that in the past would have sent us flying to the cupboards. We committed to each other and are seeing this through together.

I'm one lucky gal to have found him as a partner not only in the challenge but in my life as well. What a man!

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  1. Good luck at the weigh in. You are such an inspiration to me. Gracie


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