Friday, October 22, 2010

It's a Date!

Tonight TS and I are hitting the town with two other couples. In the past, this would mean huge amounts of calories being consumed by both him and me ... appetizers at dinner, pasta or slab-o-steak dinners, lots of beers, lots and lots more beers followed by a feeling of food regret and ick on the journey home.

Tonight, that's not going to happen.

At first I didn't want to go on this little adventure but on second thought, just because I'm losing weight doesn't mean I need to lock myself at home and hide away from the world. Why not go out and experience life and enjoy time with my good friends? I can go to dinner and order healthy, right? I can go dancing and not drink, right? So what's stopping me from making this a memorable and fun night without the post-food-indulgence regret?


TS and I strategized in advance and we're ready. We are holding each other accountable to the new healthy lifestyle we've chosen and will enjoy the evening by downing diet soda and water like it's going outta style. We'll dance with everyone else (well, TS doesn't dance but I'll be out there boot-scootin!) and we'll enjoy our friends without giving another thought to food. The decision to be healthy has been made and having done that, I know we'll be successful tonight.

And, on the plus side, dancing burns calories so my gym workout coupled with my dancing tonight will surely mean good things for the scale on Tuesday!

Here's to a great weekend!


  1. Good luck and have a great time. I love your website. Gracie

  2. Great plan!good luck and let us know how it went :)


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