Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ignore and Conquer

When I was losing weight successfully before, I practiced the art of "Ignore and Conquer" quite often. I'd gotten to the point where I could go to Mexican for dinner and ignore the chips therefore conquering the temptation they offered up to me. That's why I was dropping weight like crazy!

This go round, that whole "ignore" feature is once again a necessity. I've needed a repairman to fix it up and get me back on track but finally feel as if I'm back in control of this handy device.

As you know, temptation is everywhere. We bump into our addiction at every turn. It's on street corners, in our work places, and (obviously) in our homes. We can learn to control the addiction, but it's dang hard. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaang hard!

I'm still learning to control it so until I do, I'm call out the ignore and conquer skill.

Ignoring is an art. It's walking into the break room knowing there are donuts on the table to the left and making a conscious choice to only look right, stay the course, and get the hell outta dodge before the temptation to even look over there gets too strong. It's going to Starbucks, pretending there's not a goodie case and ordering my tall coffee-of-the-day without allowing myself to even glance over to the tempting brownies and scones. It's going to the grocery store and only putting the foods on my list in my cart and eventually in my home.

Ignoring is knowing that I've made a decision to change my behavior and thus not allowing even a sideways glance, sniff, or thought to disrupt my course.

This week I'm focused on perfecting my ignoring skills once again so that I can be successful. This is a hard week. I was good on week one, saw results and now need to remember the battle is not over and I have to charge forward.

Ignore and conquer!


  1. "Ignoring is an art"...LOL!!! OMG, how true is that. You know what helped me? I mean, seriously, you might be like yeah, whatever, Lissa, but seriously - removing my t.v. from my room. The t.v. was a trigger for me to just comfort-stuff my face with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc. And then I'd wake up and feel horrible and uncomfortable in my clothes. Removing the t.v. I guess was kind of like ignoring the trigger by just plain removing it. But that's unfortunately not always possible. That's where the art piece comes in I think. No matter what we're trying to accomplish - we're all in this life together! That's comforting. Love you lots!!

  2. I love that phrase "Ignore and Conquer." It is the companion phrase to my own mantra, "If not now, when?"
    You can't change the environment (goodies in the break room or brownies at Starbucks), you can just change your reaction to it.

    Great post!


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