Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 1: Prepping

Well, it's day 1 of the challenge. Tonight we will weigh in and start our diet plans. Although I've done this for awhile, it feels new to me. I'm excited to start this. Doing it with TS, I know we'll be successful. He drops weight just by thinking about it (darn men!) and since we're both focused on losing, we'll help each other make wise choices.

Last night we stopped off at Costco and loaded up on veggies, fruits, shrimp, scallops, baggies, and freezer bags. We even splurged and got new plastic food containers ... the nice kind that snap close. As an aside, there's nothing quite as satisfying as hearing the container SNAP shut after you've loaded it up with fresh, delicious foods. For some reason, that sound made me feel comforted. Anyway, when we got home, we cut up all the veggies, marinated meat, cut up fruit (yummy watermelon!) and organized the fridge.

What a relief to have everything organized and ready for the week! Today, when prepping my lunch, I just opened the door and pulled out cut up peppers, a container of watermelon, etc and was ready to go. Preparation makes a huge difference!

I'm a bit nervous to weigh in tonight. I haven't been on plan for a week and I've made really poor food choices, not drinking my water and pretty much doing all the stuff that I used to do at 300 pounds.

I've also felt like I felt at 300 pounds ... not wanting to do anything, feeling horrible about myself and my body and being really really tired. I know my diet change will take that all away. As I lose weight, I'll feel better about myself. As I eat better, I'll have more energy. As I lose weight, I'll also want to be more active.

So, today marks a new beginning. A fresh start. And a new journey.

TS and I will be kicking some butt tonight and we're looking forward to all the rewards that will come from participating in a team challenge. We look forward to the group support, competition, and celebration as we all reach goals and change our lives.

See you all tonight!

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  1. Hope the weigh in goes better then you are expecting!


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