Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crossing the Threshold

As mentioned yesterday, I think I've finally crossed the hunger threshold. This is the place where I'm no longer endlessly hungry and yet also not fully full. It's the place of tummy-peace.

When I first start back on plan, my tummy is rumbling at every turn. I would fill it with water and ate on plan but since it was stretched out and used to being overly stuffed, it thought it needed to be full every single minute in order to be satisfied. It was truly a bottomless pit ... hence why my weight was going back up instead of down.

Over the last couple of days though, that's changed. My energy has increased while my hunger has decreased. Yesterday I had to remind myself when to eat and once reminded, my stomach followed up with twinges of "oh yeah! I am hungry".

I like this place of tummy peacefulness. It's my happy place because I know I've finally settled into a new routine and am making new, better, healthier habits.

Pushing through, holding firm, and seeing results is worth the craziness of the first week or so on plan. Once I push through and am successful, I cross the hunger threshold and then know without a shadow of a doubt that I can kick this weight loss thing outta the park.

I'm saying that it's ever easy to eat healthy ... but I am saying that it gets easier. Routine and habits are a strong driving force and once I swift from the bad routine and habit to the good ones, that's when I know I'm on the downhill slope of the craving battle.

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  1. YES! Awesome! I'm so glad you got over that kind of craving phase. I know sometimes it can rear its ugly head but it can feel so good to feel a little more content. When I took the t.v. out of my room at night it was hard. I had a set self-soothing routine down that wasn't very healthy. I had to literally force myself to not give in. So I know what you mean - because it's a lot easier now. But still - I know that I LOVE chocolate and cheeeez and other comforty foods and that's okay, too. Self-awareness and knowing what the body needs is such a great thing. I think you really demonstrated that in this post. Awesome job! Hugs!!


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