Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Did I give 100%?

The talk given by Dan Russell (champion wrestler) at The Healthy Weigh University was phenomenal!

I went into yesterday's talk a bit of a skeptic. I mean really, what did wrestling have to do with weight loss? What would a toned athlete know about a fat gals struggle to be thin? Really? Seriously?

Turns out, I was so totally wrong. This guy had some really interesting things to say about goal setting, inspiring others, and achieving goals. He's lived an incredible life and known some incredible people that have helped him look at life in the best, most productive, way. And the truth is that a struggle is universal whether it's a struggle to lose weight or overcome adversity to win the match.

One thing he said that really struck home with me, was that at the end of the day, the champion isn't necessarily the person that takes home the medal, it's the person that puts in his personal best.

In all his matches, before he'd step onto the wrestling mat, he'd walk up to the edge of the mat and ask himself two questions.

1) Had he done all he could to prepare himself for this match?
2) Was he now prepared to give 100% on the mat?

If he answered yes to both of those questions, he would then visualize himself at the end of the match, holding his arms out in the victory stance, accepting his win. If he didn't win though, he didn't let it get him down because he knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that he had put forth 100% off and on the mat.

What a great concept to take to the scale!

I generally dread stepping onto that lie detector. I dread the numbers that will pop up. I worry that if the scale isn't down the right amount, I will have let myself down and have others judge me (even though they never do) for not doing what I needed to do to lose. Sometimes, that fear and dread has been the excuse that kept me from visiting The Healthy Weigh for my weigh ins.

What would happen if instead of thinking those thoughts, I asked myself the two questions Dan asked himself?

1) Had I done all I could to prepare myself for this weigh in?
2) Am I ready to give another 100% until the next weigh in?

After answering a resounding YES! to both questions, I could then visualize myself at goal. Slender, smiling, riding my horse on a victory weigh-loss-goal ride!

Stepping on the scale with a smile on my face and that visualization in my heart and mind might just help me follow through and not dread the numbers that pop up. After all, if I give 100% off the scale and the numbers don't go down as much as I'd built them up to, who cares?

I still gave 100% to the process and accomplished my own personal best. That makes me a champion. My reward is in the work and the process.

Uh-oh, I feel another quote coming on!
"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it."
~ Greg Anderson

I know, I know ... there's little joy in losing weight. But there's great joy in victory and being a champion! I really believe that and am looking forward (yep, I really am!) to applying it to my little weigh in tomorrow. I've been committed. I've been putting forth 100% these last couple days.

And tomorrow, I look forward to calling myself a weight loss champion!

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