Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Sweet sweet sweeeeeeeet success is by far sweeter and more satisfying than any mini nerds or snickers or milky way bar. I know this, because I was successful yesterday and today I'm patting myself so hard on the back I might just make own darn self fall over.

Yesterday I was 100% fully committed and on plan all day .... yep, all day. By writing out my thoughts on the blog, I was able to say a shakey (albeit firm) "NO" to the candy temptation and came through the day with stellar success.

It was hard. A lot of my triggers showed up throughout the day yesterday; the candy dish in the afternoon, home alone most of the evening, and then a "disagreement" with TS when he got home. All of those things used to send me directly to the cupboards but each time I thought of reaching for food, I downed water instead and reiterated to myself that I had a goal, a purpose, and had made a decision to see this thing through which meant NOTHING was going to stop me.

As I said before, I feel that each time I'm able to pull through things like that, I get stronger and more committed. So today, I'm happy to report that I'm staring temptation in the face and telling it to take a hike!

With the 4th of July holiday on the horizon, I'm starting to think ahead as to how I will manage this and stay on plan. TS and I will be camping for two days with his family so I'll need to figure out foods I can eat whilst they are downing burgers, hotdogs, and smores (oooohhh! Smores!). I'm prepping now both mentally and physically as I do not want this weekend to be an excuse to backslide.

I see a lot of carrots, fruits, and string cheeses in my near future. I will not go off plan.

Did ya'll hear that? I WILL NOT GO OFF PLAN! Now that I've said it, I'm sure you all will hold me too it, right? :D

Tomorrow = weigh in day!


  1. Rumor has it that you WILL NOT GO OFF PLAN... is that true? Better be, or I'll claim 'dibs' to all the Nerds too. Not that I'd know what to do with them :-)

    Seriously, a big congrats to you on accomplishing the day you had yesterday. Know how good that feels, a real high without the hang over.

  2. I can confirm that rumor is FOR SURE true, Patrick! :)

    Thanks for the congrats too.

    Onward and upward, right?


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