Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A New Goal

Bad news from the doctor today ... I mean ... not devastating ... but somewhat hard to hear. I'm healing really well so on that front, I'm thankful.

So, what can the bad news be, you might ask?

Well, the doc said "no horse riding for another 6 weeks". Her actual statement was something along the lines of "You do know that we just took out an organ from your belly area, right? And you do know that you use your belly area to ride, right? So, yeah, um, NO! You can't ride for 6 weeks! End of discussion."

She then launched into some serenade about hernias and whatnot which frankly I wasn't listening too as I was still trying to consume the knowledge that for a loooooong while I wouldn't have horsey saddle time to soothe my soul.


For a gal that finds her soul, peace, and rest on the back of her horses, this was hard news to stomach (ha!). Add to that the fact that I live in the oh-so-rainy Northwest and the trail riding season is short and will be half over by the time I actually make it into a saddle ... and, well, you get one sad, forlorn cowgirl that's wishing she'd been able to plan the surgery at another time. Darn body.

I let myself wallow in this news for a bit because, as silly as this might sound, I needed to mourn the fact that my passion was being put on hold for a bit.

But then I got to thinking about it, adding all the dates in my head. Waiting 6 weeks to ride puts me squarely at August 6st. A Friday. A weekend.

Hmm .... so then my wheels started turning. What if I scheduled a horse camping trip for the first weekend in August to celebrate being back in the saddle? Not only that, but what if I picked a place I've always wanted to go but haven't yet? Like one of those places I always say "Wow, I'd really like to ride THERE!" And, this was the topper, what if I tied this trip to a weight loss reward? What if I lost 2 pounds per week for 5 weeks (that's average on plan)? Could I really be down 10 pounds and one size by then??? Oh boy! My riding jeans would fit again!

Hmm .... the wheels turning were not only making my ears smoke but were starting to change my mental state. I was actually getting quite excited. I could invite a friend or two even. Which horse would I take? What amazing horse campground would I pick? Wow, there's so much to look forward to!

In all this thinking and planning, somehow, I was able to turn bad news into a reward and therefore stellar news! I was rewarding myself for making wise and healthy choices both in my eating as well as in caring for my body post surgery.

So, welcome to my new goal.

By August 7th, I will be down 12 pounds and celebrating on the back of my faithful stead as we gallop down a gloriously wooded trail. I will feel confident, healthy, and light as I catch sunbeams. I will feel proud of myself for having made wise choices. I can just picture my horse Buttons (pictured on the right) and I running down a trail. The wind lifting her mane in rhythmic time to her hooves and me, sitting tall (well, I'll still be short but I'll be tall for a short person!) in the saddle with a perma grin, bugs in my teeth, sun on my face, wind in my hair, and all wrapped up in success.

This is a goal that gets my blood pumping and my motivation roaring louder than the cravings. This is the kind of goal I need and so thankful to have tucked in my back pocket right now.

Bring it 4th of July BBQ season! I see your burger and raise you a horse riding trip. Take that!


  1. You can do it! What great encouragement to look for the good. I am motivated! Woohoo!


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