Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I do NOT need NERDS!

Yes, I already posted today but I need strength so I'm blogging, writing it out and trying to convince myself that I can pass up that darn candy dish.

Why are afternoons so hard? What is about the 2:00 pm time frame that pulls at my belly and brain?

This is something I must figure out. Cravings for me trigger most often in the early afternoon. Evenings are easier and generally if I can make it through the calling of the temptation in the afternoon, I can succeed through the rest of the day.

But around this time every day, I start thinking of the candy dish, vending machine, a coffee treat, or, truthfully, just anything to stuff in my face.

Today it's the nerds candies that are sitting in my friend's office candy dish. They rest beside the mini snickers and milky ways that also tempt me. I pass by them each time I visit my friend and today there's quite a bit of visiting because we're working on a project together.

I've been holding firm thus far in my ignoring of their temptation. It's been hard though as this candy dish used to be a friend of mine many times during the day. It was second nature to go into her office and nab a couple pieces of candy while we chatted. It wasn't even a thought to do it or not to do it. I just did it.

Earlier today, I actually found myself with a strawberry nerds box in my hand, had my fingernail poised to slice through the cardboard top so that I could devour them, when I realized what I was doing and said aloud "no nerds today!" and shoved them back into the candy dish. My friend chuckled, reached around me, and grabbed a snickers. Yeah, she's not much help.

It's not her responsibility to help me say no though so I don't fault her. It's my job to stay firm on this plan. It's me that has to weigh in on Thursday and see the results of my efforts today.

Although one mini package of nerds might not pack a wallop of calories, let's be honest here, it's never just ONE package that I consume.

I swear, sugar is my gateway drug. One devouring of a package of nerds candies leads to three more mini packages of nerd candies, plus a snickers mini and perhaps just one teeny tiny milky way, plus another package of melba snacks, plus mac & cheese for dinner, plus ... well, you get the idea. I derail once, I derail twice, I derail for the rest of the day.

Why do that to myself? When I derail, I feel like poop both mentally and physically. I don't like myself for giving into something so silly and giving up control of my own will. I don't like how fat I feel especially when I try to put on my pants that are still too tight. And, come weigh in on Thursday, I'm disappointed, discouraged, unhappy, and miserable.

The instant gratification of the nerds is never lasting and quickly, very quickly, gives way to awful feelings and the avalanche of dirty eating and thinking that follows.

On the other hand, sticking to plan makes me feel powerful, confident, encouraged, sexy (oh yeah baby!!) and accomplished. Each time I successfully stay on plan, I feel that I've won part of my weight battle and it gets easier and easier to stay focused and successful. It's these initial temptations I need to kick in the teeth and tap out.

Strictly focused on the short term, aren't those good feelings I just described so much better than a package of nerds?

Yes, yes they are.

What would happen if I 100% adhered to my diet with absolutely no (none, zilch, nada) "extras" for a day? A week? A month? How much better would my clothes fit in such a short period of time? How much better would I feel about myself physically and mentally? Would my afternoon cravings subside? Hmmm....

I know the answer because it's what I did when I was dropping weight left and right. Literally. It was melting off my body because I didn't let momentary temptation derail my long term goal and therefore, I succeeded.

Oh wow ... Tada! Seriously, I've convinced myself out of a nerds craving!!! Nasty nerds! Be gone with you! I am stronger than those pesky sour candies. I've proven that already and I've just tapped into that strength to see me through.

Thank you for listening to my afternoon ramble. I feel empowered having made the decision to write this out instead of indulging in a silly craving.

With that, I'm off to fill my water bottle and have a scrumptious, crisp fuji apple followed by a handful of squishy, fresh, organic blueberries.

Oh, I've got a feeling this Thursday weigh-in is going to be gooooooooooood!!!!


  1. Those nerds candies I never took a liking too. But those mini snickers, well lets just say I have already placed 'dibs' on all of them all over the planet - MINE! But, since you seemed to talk yourself out of temptation then I guess I will abstain too. But they are still all MINE to look at :-)

  2. Too funny, Patrick! I promise to leave you all the snickers ... I'm steering clear (very clear) of the candy dish so I won't be tempted today. Besides, I think just looking at them is often enough to pack on the pounds. :) As we say in the horse world, I'm an "easy-keeper".



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