Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday Doughnut DO-NOT!

Time to prep for my Friday Doughnut DO-NOT!

I think I've mentioned before that at my new job every Friday there are a smattering super tasty, fatty doughnuts just sitting on the break room table tempting me with their sugary smell and doughy sweetness. The array is amazing and I'm pretty sure even the most hardened sugar-hater would be tempted by the spread. I'm not a sugar lover and yet, because I can't have them, I want them even more.

I would completely avoid the break room on Friday's but the water thingy is in there and I must go in to refill my water bottle. That means that multiple times in the day, I'll be practicing my doughnut DO-NOT!

The last couple weeks, I've given in whether just a "few" bites or a whole doughnut. Yes, I know and hate to admit it but even the threat of a gall bladder attack hasn't dissuaded me ... hence why I'm back up in my numbers and facing surgery.

Moving forward though and on a more positive note, when I make it through this Friday without indulging, I'll be rewarding myself with a manicure. The reward of a manicure and spiffy nails might just be enough to keep me from going into the sugary darkness and instead stay focused on the light of weight loss.

In addition to looking forward to some serious reward pampering, I'm also prepping myself mentally so that when I need to say "no" tomorrow, I can do it without any hesitation.

My chant has become "Doughnut DO-NOT!" and I'm shouting it in my own head over and over and over today. Thus, I know, tomorrow I WILL succeed!



  1. Doughnut DO-NOT, a great technique to help you win that encounter. I've done similar in that when I come up on an unwanted opportunity to choose whether to indulge in food or not, I turn and start walking in another direction before my mind can have that debate on whether or not to have it. Basically the more distance I can put between myself & the temptation then the less likely I am to go for it. Not all situations allow me to turn and go of course, but those that do it is adios and it's been working.

  2. My post today is about the dreaded break room table. I always think about that old EST mantra: "You can't change the environment; you can just change your reaction to it."

    That has helped me plenty of times. It's actually similar to "Doughnut DO-NOT"

    Enjoy the manicure!

  3. I hate staffroom junk, too! Dang the people bringing in their cakes and cookies and such!

    I am so glad to see you back in bloggerland and doin' your thing again. You had this stuff DOWN before, and you will pick it back up again. Find your mojo once's around here somewhere!

  4. Patrick, that's a great trick to get away from the situation. I do that at home. If something is tempting me from the fridge, I leave the room or the house and find something else to do! It's sometimes the only thing I can do to resist and if that's what it takes, that's what I'll do!

    There are so many times though, that I can't leave the environment so in those cases, I appreciate what Splurgie said about changing how I think about it. That's soooo true!

    Tammy, thanks!!! I'm glad to be back. I've missed blogging and certainly feel more like myself when I'm pouring out my soul on here. Odd how that is, but I'm sure as a fellow blogger, you completely understand! :)


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