Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Pound and a Stone

My friend Holly has a wonderful idea and I'm going to copy her.

On her bathroom counter, she placed a jar filled with those little glass stones you get from the craft store. She placed a stone in for each pound she wants to lose to get to goal. For every pound she loses, she removes a stone. Her husband, being the supportive man he is, suggested that when she's up (as if that would happen, right?), she should put the stone in her shoe. That way, each time she takes a step, she'll be reminded of her goal.

What a great concept.

I love visual inspiration. When I see changes occurring, it keeps me motivated and moving forward. So seeing the stones in my jar go down, would be encouraging to me.

I also liked the stone in the shoe idea. What better way to be reminded of your goal and associate PAIN with the food than by actually inflicting some discomfort? The glass stones are rounded and wouldn't hurt but they would be uncomfortable and annoying. Just like added weight to our bodies is uncomfortable and annoying!

I'm headed to the craft store today to pick up my stones and am anxious to remove my first seven from the jar. I was down another pound today which put me at 7 pounds total weight loss for the week. I'll take it!!! That's 7 pounds closer to my goal and not too shabby for my first week back on plan!

Now, onto the weekend. I'm staying focused so that I can have another great loss next week.


  1. I like that too. I am all about the visual. I think that is why the bodybugg makes so much sense to me.

  2. Awesome idea Holly had!! I am going to copy cat you two !! Keep up the awesome work (both of you)!!
    Thanks for great ideas!!


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