Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hunger Pains

Being hungry, like the kind of hungry where you're sitting in a meeting and your stomach starts growling kinda hungry, is truthfully a pain. I can understand why they are called "hunger pains".

I'm a complete goober about being hungry. It's all psychological but for some reason, when I'm hungry, I panic. I've never gone without food so the fact that I panic is a bit ... um ... ridiculous. The panic is all consuming. It has gotten so bad in the past that I've roved the halls, peeking in offices for spare candy and treats. Also in the past, I'd give into the panic when it turned to the craving phase. As soon as I'd identify a crave food, I'd give in and have to have it immediately. I was like a vicious dog with a bone. Stay outta my way, clear a path, OR ELSE!

These days I'm trying instead to deal with the hunger and address it before it gets to the panicked dog state.

I find that water is a huge help. When those hunger pains kick in, I down as much water as I possibly can to fill up my stomach. When I'm fully waterlogged, I know there's no way I could fit a morsel of food inside me and can instead start to deal with the psychological reasons I was hungry. The downside to the water intake ... lots and lots of trips to the restroom. I'm not sure which is worse in the middle of a meeting, hunger pains or raising my hand to ask for restroom permission. Regardless, it's healthier physically so I'll put up with the mental anguish of the multiple restroom mad dashes.

The longer I'm on a reduced calorie diet, the easier it gets. I get fewer hunger attacks and cravings and the plan really is easier to follow. It's just a matter of sticking it out when the going gets tough.

The minute I give into the craving, I start back at square one. The hunger comes back, the routine starts over, and I beat myself up for losing ground.

I'm bound and determined today that no matter what I need to do to stick this out, I'll do it. I'm not giving into the hunger pains or allowing them to throw me of track.

With that, another 40 oz is ready to vacate my body and thus I'm off for another restroom break.

Happy dieting!

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