Friday, March 12, 2010

Donuts and Successful Dieting

I will count today as a success when I can make it through the day and not give into my desire for a jelly donut.

Today, that is my battle.

I was 100% on plan yesterday and that felt awesome. Today it's harder. I'm hungry. My stomach is actually growling and, each time I fill up my water bottle in hopes of staving off the hunger pains, I must pass the mound of donuts.

I think my belly is having a conversation with the donuts because the rumblings increase to a deafening crescendo when I get within a certain distance of the table. Yeah. Embarrassing.

So today, if I can escape the discourse of my belly and the donuts and stay on plan, I will count this day as a success. I know that if I resist today, next Friday will be easier. And the Friday after that will be even easier still. Giving in just once a couple weeks ago has made today a battle.

It's one I have every intention of winning though. I've made a commitment to be on this plan and lose this weight. I said no last night to things far more enticing than donuts and I know today I can turn away empty calories.

I just need to do it.

Today will be a successful day.


  1. Thanks for your updates and your honesty. I too am a HW client, just finished my first Team Challenge. Lost 16 in 10 weeks, wanted to do better but I'll take every little bit! Today there are donuts in our lunchroom, I thought of you. I'm not touching those things and am ready to put them in the trash. For heaven's sake this is a Kaiser office and that is not Thriving!

    Keep on keepin' on, you look fabulous!


  2. Thanks, Mollie! Wow, 16 in 10 weeks is GREAT!!!! That's so funny about Kaiser. I guess they think people thrive on donuts??? If only that were true ....


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