Friday, January 29, 2010

The "D" Word

What is it about the word diet that incites cravings?

Each time I tell myself I'm on a diet, the cravings kick in full force. I even crave things I don't normally like! My body goes into instant starvation mode and suddenly everything, anything, and anytime I'm battling some kind of silly weight loss battle.

I am, in fact, in a craving mode right now. Currently the vending machine is calling to me.

The funny thing is that treats in said machine aren't really that great tasting. They've been sitting in the machine for years ... literally. I slipped up awhile ago and splurged on a payday. I opened it expecting sweet and salty chocolately goodness and instead got almost-turned-white chocolate crumbly badness. Upon inspection I learned that the bar had expired two years ago. Yes, veeeeeeeeery disappointing but I still nibbled on the peanuts 'cause, well, I didn't want to waste the money, right?

As I sit here and relate my craving to you, it seems so silly. I mean, I know that what I'm grabbing from the machine will not taste good not only because likely it's expired but because it will not satisfy my overall craving. After I'm done consuming it, I'll feel worse about myself for having given in. I will feel weak, helpless, and powerless.

I also know that if I stay strong through the craving, eventually, they will all go away or at least become more manageable. Each time I say "no", I'm exercising my will power muscle and eventually it will be strong enough to stamp down any craving before it gets me carried away.

In this moment though, my will power muscle is weak and I'm close to floundering.

I think to get through this I'm going to need to do some sit ups, a few push ups and after that, while I eat my apple, I'll think about why I'm on this journey. All of this instead of focusing on what I can't have.

As Letha says, "nothing tastes as good as being thin feels". And she's sooooo right!

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  1. I think the process of exercising your power and control muscle is true. After a while, it almost becomes automatic. It's not easy. Oh no. Not easy but I strive for the day it's totally automatic to say (to a craving) "No, I don't need that."


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