Friday, December 11, 2009

Weightlifting and Weight Loss

So my wish for the first pound off by Thursday didn't materialize but that's ok ... it will happen. I have faith!

I was actually up three pounds yesterday from Tuesday. How is that possible? Inquiring minds wanna know! I'm equating it to water retention since I was 100% on plan Tuesday and Wednesday. I have been drinking more because of the record setting cold and dry weather here. I've been craving water. I can't seem to drink enough of the stuff and I think my body has been storing some of it "just in case". It's the only explanation I can come up with so I'm holding onto it to keep me sane and focused.

I feel better physically when I make wise food choices and I'm remembering that as I pass by the office break room filled with "special" holiday treats.

My workouts are going good too. Last night I pushed myself farther and harder and set a new personal best in my weightlifting. I was able to do a 115# clean and jerk (c&j) for 5 reps. Pretty darn cool! See below for an example of a c&j.

I'm finding that weightlifting is very much a mental game. Much like weight loss actually. If I allow my brain to utter one teeny tiny negative thought before I attempt the maneuver, the likelihood of me completing is goes down significantly. In fact, last night I was psyching myself out over the last three of my c&j's. I started getting into the rut of "I can't" and "I'm going to hurt myself" and "I'll never be able to do these perfectly".

As soon as I made those comments to myself, they became reality. I tried four times to get the last three of my c&j's but couldn't even make it to the clean (bringing the bar to my chest). My trainer suggested I go down in weight but as she started to pull of weight, I stopped her. I knew that if I went down in weight, I'd be disappointed when I walked out of the gym. I'd feel like a failure and my negative self-talk would have won out.

I only had three more of these darn things to do! I could do it. And I needed to focus, buckle down, and make it happen.

And I did.

I walked out of the gym feeling so successful. Like I'd just won something super duper cool or something. I did in fact win something super duper cool ... self-confidence.

That's a great feeling.

That's how I'm going to feel when I accomplish my weight loss goal too and that's inspiring.

I'm drawing inspiration from my win in the gym last night and focusing on the fact that if I stick with this then my determination will see me through to the end.

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  1. I am so glad to see you back!

    Very pleased you haven't gained and even more impressed with your weight-lifting.

    Yeah, most of the hard work happens in the brain, you are right.

    30lbs - you can do it! 2010 is the year for your triumph and I shall be watching.


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