Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Starting Again

Time for me to get real, my blogging buddies. I put my weight loss on hold for awhile and let life carry me away.

But, I'm happy to report that even though I wasn't losing, I also wasn't gaining. I went from 189.2 a few weeks ago to 189.3 this morning. I'll take that!

Today I'm once again back on the dieting thing which I'm finding is even harder the second time around.

The first time I committed to this was filled with excitement and anticipation but this time it's twinged with dread at knowing what's ahead of me. No more beer, no more wine, no more cheese, no more extra starch (darn melbas!). Instead my food life will be filled with more calorie counting, saying no, and fighting with myself over silly food related issues.

I'm also finding that this go-round is filled with even more temptation. Whereas before I didn't really recognize the McDonald's signs going down the road and donuts in the break room, this time they beckon to me from across the building and across town. Seriously, I've developed a "donut sense" and now can recognize instantly when a donut enters my building.

I attribute this to the fact that during my hiatus I opened the door to the kitchen (and my stomach) a crack by shaking hands with a pizza slice or two and kissing on a bit of ice cream once or twice. That was enough to let the french fries and donuts know that I was available for the taking and believe me, they are not taking no for an answer!

So, as you can see, I'm working hard to change my thinking right now. If I can buckle down and not buckle under this pressure, I'll succeed. I know that when I see that next pound melt away I'll be even more motivated but in the meantime, I must stay focused and committed.

Today I'm congratulating myself on not gaining and am now focused on drinking water to fill my grumbling belly and engaging my mind to fill my grumbling brain.

30 pounds left to go until I'm at my goal. That's reasonable, doable, and within reach so I'm going to reach out and grab it.

Today, I'm raising my hand. Tomorrow I'll take a step forward and each day I'll progress until I've reached the end of my journey.


  1. McDonald and the King of Pizza might think you're easy but tell them your heart belongs to Mr. Low Cal.

  2. Nice to see your post and great job on not gaining. That speaks volumes I think.

    You will rock this last 30 lbs once you set your mind to it. I have no doubt in my mind about that!

  3. Glad your back! You can do it!

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  8. So glad your back on the saddle and going to leave the last 30 pounds in the dust!


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