Monday, November 2, 2009

Turning It Around - Starting With the Tapes

I recognize when I'm saying negative things to myself which, in and of itself, I need to congratulate myself for. I mean, I didn't even know that I practiced negative self talk back in the day. I knew I wasn't happy with myself, but I couldn't tell you why or what I was saying to myself to reinforce that negativity.

These days, I do recognize it. I know just as soon as the negative thought enters my head. I'm more aware. I also know what I need to do to turn it around and not let it overwhelm and throw me off track.

But, as we all know, knowing and doing are two very different things.

These last couple days I'm finding that it's easier and easier to identify the behavior and yet harder and harder to turn it around.

I don't know what makes the difference from one day to the next and why sometimes it's so hard to make a decision and cut yourself off from any other possibilities. It just is.

I'm ready and willing to commit to pulling through this last little bit and therefore have to get my head in order. So I'm starting with the negative self talk.

As soon as I recognize a negative thought, instead of letting it reside in my brain, I'm going to offer up a positive thought about myself instead.

So it will work something like this.

Thought: "I will never finish this and lose the rest of this weight."
Response: "I will absolutely lose this weight and I will be happier person because I've accomplished my goal."

Thought: "I am not worth the effort it takes to see this through."
Response: "I am worth the effort it takes to be happy, healthy, and content. Therefore, I'm worth this effort."

Thought: "I've already lost 120 and am still not happy with myself. I then know that I won't be happy with myself even after another 30 pounds."
Response: "I do feel different after 120 pounds. I'm more confident, secure, and happier. I know that another 30 pounds will only add to that confidence, security and happiness."

So, you get the idea. I need to say these things out loud to myself when the negativity starts to creep in.

If I can start by combating the negative self-talk, then I think I might have a chance of turning this thing around.

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  1. Great idea! Those negative thoughts can be so damaging.

    Another way I will be thinking of my final pounds (that will be stage two of the diet after I complete stage one), will be as an experiment. We have no knowledge of how our bodies will look or feel at that lowest weight, so it would be quite interesting to find out, lol!


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