Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Gummy Situation

I've become a bit of a gum connoisseur. Frankly, some might call me a gum snob but connoisseur sounds so much more appealing so let's go with that instead.

Much like a wine connoisseur, a gum connoisseur knows which brands taste the best, hold their flavor the longest, and how to avoid something that's aged past it's prime.

I prefer to pick up my gum at gas stations. For some reason, I've found that they have the freshest and widest selection of flavors. The best gas station to hit happens to be right on my way to work in the mornings and I've been known to stop in there on more than one occasion to load up on packs to get me through the week.

As I've been losing weight, gum has been a staple in my purse. It's what I reach for when my brain starts thinking of sugar or carbs or whatever else might pass through unexpectedly. So, I keep about four or five packs of gum in my purse ~ all in different flavors.

I've found that spearmint and bubble gum are my favorites when I'm craving comfort food like pizza and mac and cheese. When I was kid, these were the two flavors my grandma had at her house and it was a "treat" to get them so it's pretty easy to trick my little brain into thinking it's getting "treated" to comfort food when really it's just sugarless bubble gum. Oh the things we tell ourselves, right?

I love how many different flavors of gum there are though. Extra has some amazing combos out there that can cure most any sweet tooth craving. My personal fav is island cooler. It's like a tropical smoothie with only 5 calories. Seriously, can you beat that?

My staple is Trident White in purple. It holds great flavor for the longest amount of time and I also feel special when I chew it 'cause I think I'm whitening my teeth (yeah, again, amazing what we tell ourselves, isn't it?).

And, if you didn't know, gum does go bad. Even sugarless gum gets hard and icky so when I go to purchase gum, I always give the pieces a squeeze test to make sure that they are pliable.

I know this might all seem a bit over the top, but hey, if it helps hold off one craving, I'm going to keep chugging ahead.

Plus, I've only made it half way through the gum racks at my gas station so there's gum chewing work to be done! I've made it my mission to try all the available flavors and brands so that I can truly own the gum connoisseur title.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Turning It Around - Starting With the Tapes

I recognize when I'm saying negative things to myself which, in and of itself, I need to congratulate myself for. I mean, I didn't even know that I practiced negative self talk back in the day. I knew I wasn't happy with myself, but I couldn't tell you why or what I was saying to myself to reinforce that negativity.

These days, I do recognize it. I know just as soon as the negative thought enters my head. I'm more aware. I also know what I need to do to turn it around and not let it overwhelm and throw me off track.

But, as we all know, knowing and doing are two very different things.

These last couple days I'm finding that it's easier and easier to identify the behavior and yet harder and harder to turn it around.

I don't know what makes the difference from one day to the next and why sometimes it's so hard to make a decision and cut yourself off from any other possibilities. It just is.

I'm ready and willing to commit to pulling through this last little bit and therefore have to get my head in order. So I'm starting with the negative self talk.

As soon as I recognize a negative thought, instead of letting it reside in my brain, I'm going to offer up a positive thought about myself instead.

So it will work something like this.

Thought: "I will never finish this and lose the rest of this weight."
Response: "I will absolutely lose this weight and I will be happier person because I've accomplished my goal."

Thought: "I am not worth the effort it takes to see this through."
Response: "I am worth the effort it takes to be happy, healthy, and content. Therefore, I'm worth this effort."

Thought: "I've already lost 120 and am still not happy with myself. I then know that I won't be happy with myself even after another 30 pounds."
Response: "I do feel different after 120 pounds. I'm more confident, secure, and happier. I know that another 30 pounds will only add to that confidence, security and happiness."

So, you get the idea. I need to say these things out loud to myself when the negativity starts to creep in.

If I can start by combating the negative self-talk, then I think I might have a chance of turning this thing around.