Monday, October 19, 2009

Where is Wendy?

Hey, everyone, just a quick post today to let you know I haven't completely forgotten about my blogging duties. Life got a little hectic last week and then I got sick (yucky) so I didn't do much of anything.

I'm back on top of things this week and will have lots to write about in the next couple days.

As an aside, I took last week off from my workouts too so I'm nervous that the scale will not be kind to me. Being sick, not getting all my water, not keeping up the workouts ... hmmmm... not sure how this will play out. I'm so thankful though that now I'm back on target for the week. I plan to wog with Carrie at noon and then will be hitting the gym almost every day this week. I see some sore muscles in my future.

In the meantime, I hope all my blogging buddies are doing great!


  1. Just started reading your blog and I'm enjoying it. ;) I love your before/after pics - very cool!

  2. So glad you are OK - sorry you have been sick, sometimes we have to let our bodies repair and then get back to the diet/exercise when we are better.

    Fingers crossed for a kind scale this week!


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