Thursday, September 24, 2009

What is my vision?

I went to the vision refresh class yesterday and it really made me think. Of course, 90% of what Letha says applies to my life right now. It seems that no matter what I'm going through, if I drag myself to a class, I find something that inspires and re-motiviates me to continue on. It's a struggle sometimes to fit the classes into an already hectic schedule, but when I do, I always leave with new tools to get me through.

Yesterday the class was about vision.

I didn't ever really have a clear vision of what I wanted when I finished this process and I still don't have one. That's an issue. If I don't know what I'm working towards, how will I know when I've reached the goal? Is this journey truly about a "number" or size?

Not so much.

It's about living the life I want to live and being the person I want to be.

So, what does that look like? Specifically, what am I hoping to be in another 30 pounds?

If I'm to finish this successfully, I need to figure that out. I need to take some time and really nail down my vision.

As Letha said in the class, instead of being a woman in search of a vision, I need to be a woman with a vision.

I'm dedicating time this weekend to really seeing the me I want to be when I'm done with this weight loss. I have a feeling that nailing that down might help me reach the goal.

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