Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Team Challenge or Not Team Challenge?

This week I'm faced with a challenge ... literally.

The Healthy Weigh's team challenge kicks off next week and I'm thinking of entering it again. The issue is that I'm sitting comfortably at my current weight and I'm seriously lacking motivation to complete the journey. I'm wondering what getting the last 30 pounds off will do for me.

I mean, I'm dating a man that thinks I'm beautiful. I'm wearing cool and pretty clothes in normal people sizes. I'm confident. I'm happy. My life seems to be so far exactly as I thought I'd want it to be at goal weight.

What more could I want out of life with 30 fewer pounds? Would it be all that different?

I say these things to myself and then remember that perhaps it's not about the actual 30 pounds as much as it is about the completion of the journey and accomplishing a goal.

I've always been a goal setter. I've not always been a goal accomplisher.

This is my opportunity to be a goal accomplisher.

I keep thinking of how amazing it will feel to have set the 150 pound loss goal and then actually reach it successfully.

That in and of itself should be my motivation.

If I join the team challenge, it's realistic to think I could lose at least 25 pounds over the course of those 10 weeks. At the end of those 10 weeks, I could be 5 pounds from my final goal. 5 pounds. Wow. That's incredible.

Could I lose this weight without the team challenge? Of course. But the motivation of weighing in, in front of a room of people, and then having a teammate that's counting on me to be honest and true to our progress will also motivate and push me forward.

Truthfully, the only thing holding me back from the commitment is me.

Decisions. Decisions.

Today I'm repeating over and over that I will and can be successful in accomplishing my goals. This last 30 pounds has to be a priority. I absolutely must finish what I've so diligently started.

Focus is my mission.


  1. Well, as someone who took 16 years to get her college degree, I can tell you that I would go after those 30 pounds just because that was my goal.
    However, weight is a bit different than a piece of paper, lol! I say if you're happy where you are, then adjust your goals!

  2. I know what you mean about that last 30. Suddenly it seems less important or urgent now.

    But it does give you a sense of satisfaction as well as a safety net for any future weight fluctuations.

    I say go for it!

  3. What is your body fat percentage and lean body mass in comparison to your scale weight? That may be a better picture of where you want to be. Leta can hook you up with that info. You are rocking it girl and are an inspiration to me to persevere! That's my word for the year. I always get a great dose of right thinking in reading your blog. Thanks for sharing with all of us!
    PS I have been on the fence regarding the HW challenge as I am doing the Anytime Fitness challenge. The potential partners I contacted for the HW challenge couldn't cover the cost. If you want to do it and need a partner I would be willing to jump in.


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