Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Break Rooms

What is it about office break rooms that makes them accumulate food? I mean, seriously. I think the break room at my office is actually a bakery in disguise because cakes, cookies, and other such sugary, starchy goodnesses seem to appear overnight and offer up their temptations as if by magic.

Today's temptation is a bag full of fortune cookies (like a HUGE freezer bag full) and a cheesecake. Yes, there's a cherry cheesecake sitting on the table in there. Just calling to me. It's laughing while I fill up my water bottle. It's heckling me as I walk past to the rest room. And it's screaming at me through the halls even reaching into my office as I write this.

Oye vay! What's a good dieter to do?

It's become somewhat of a game each day to see what kind of goodies mysteriously appear on the tables in the break room. I'm sure the people bringing them in are doing so because they don't want the temptations in their own homes. I find it somewhat ironic then that they'd instead inflict the torture on the rest of their office mates.

How rude!

I'm attempting the "ignore" and "don't look" methods so that I can get through the day successfully. It's kinda sorta working because I haven't given in although, to be honest, each time I go into the break room to fill up my water bottle there's like a magnetic pull that forces my head to snap around and take one longing look at the gooey goodness before stumbling from the break room and back to my desk.

Perhaps I need to invent diet blinders ... something I can wear that would keep my eyes focused forward and not distracted by goodness on the periphery.

Regardless, I'm staying strong today. I will not give into the rich cheesy classic gooey sugary cheesecake.

No good would come from that.

Instead I'm practicing self-control and celebrating the fact that I have that in my back pocket on days like today.


  1. Office bakeries are nightmares! Theres always a tonne of stuff in my office too. Everyone indulges and even though the majority of them know that I am doing WW they still ask if I would like some and tell me how good it is. Good for you for staying strong :o)

  2. I try to reframe the food as something nasty... someone else's leftovers. Who's touched it? Is it something I'd go out of my way to eat? The person who brought it in didn't want to eat it, so why should I be their trash can?

    Good for you for staying strong! STay out of the break room if you can.

  3. I wonder how many calories are consumed in a year out of break rooms? I wonder how many pounds are gained each year from break room "treats?"
    Keep those blinders on Wendy...you're right, no good can come of those break room foods!

  4. thats why im kind of happy I dont have a break room. and I dont bring food to work... I can live on my cup of tea for 6 hours than eat something healthy at home. but I know how hard it is... I think they do it to you to make themselves feel better, Be strong! you can do it!!!


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