Friday, August 21, 2009


My friend Carrie and I have started a new trend ... wogging. It's a combination of walking and jogging that I'm sure a million other people do but I'm thinking about trademarking the name so it can be all ours!

Seriously though, tell someone you're going wogging and they look at you a little sideways. It's a real thing though. I swear it. We jog a little ways then walk a little ways .. so we're wogging.

Last week I missed wogging. A lot! I missed talking with my friend Carrie, getting my daily dose of sunshine, and getting my heart rate up a bit to keep me awake on those long afternoons.

I have always looked forward to my wogs, but this week I'm relishing them. They are a treat because I know that doing my wogging keeps me centered and on track with my eating and diet. It's a kick in the butt that I need to keep motivated and moving forward.

Having someone wog with me is really helpful too. There are days when I just don't want to push myself up the hill for the fourth time. Those are the times when I'm secretly hoping Carrie has lost track of our progress and I can sneak out of the last hill. Inevitably, those are also the days when she's counting and pushes me to go back up for our fourth round of torture.

I get pretty vocal when we're wogging too. Carrie thinks I'm attempting to motivate her ... but truth be told I'm trying to motivate myself! We'll set a goal and then fall into rhythm as we hoof it to the next walking point. Half way through I'm saying things like "focus on your breathing" or "great job!" or "we're almost there" all the while hoping that saying those things out loud will help me push through too. It works. Saying it to someone else takes the focus off my own burning lungs and pushes me forward.

I'm happy this week to be back into my routine and wogging with my friend Carrie. I suggest that if you haven't tried wogging yet, you give it a whirl. It's exhilarating especially on a sunny and bright summer day!


  1. My "wogging" is generally accompanied by a lot of cursing and grunting.

    Whatever it takes to get you down the road, I guess.

  2. The word wog has a very unpleasant meaning over here, so I say ralking, lol!


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