Monday, August 3, 2009

What Not To Wear. No really. Don't wear that.

A few friends and I went to a great concert on Friday night ~ Sugarland. The music was awesome, good friends provided great company, and the crowd was in rare form. And I mean that literally ... the crowd was in very rare form.

It was high-90-some-odd degrees and humid which I guess some people took to mean that they could wear highly inappropriate outfits in public with no thought or care as to how they looked. I guess.

Now, I preface this by saying that generally I don't nitpick people to the inth degree but when you're in a sea of people and you're waiting for a concert to start, well, your mind takes over and people watching becomes it's own entertainment.

There were tube tops, short shorts, barefeet, bare midriffs (and rolls), and more cleavage than any one person should be subjected to in one sitting. Most of which was showcased on people that would have looked much better with a bit more clothing.

It got me thinking though. Here I am, having lost 112 pounds, being nervous about showing my bare arms in public whilst these people are showing everything (rolls included) without a care.

I think there has to be a happy medium. Hopefully we know what our bodies strengths are and dress to showcase those. But so what if my flabby arms make an appearance once in awhile? Honestly, with the way the crowd was on Friday night, had my bare arms made an appearance, no one would have even been noticed. They would have been too busy looking at the chubby gal in the button down shirt tied above her belly roll which protruded over her super tight shorts. Most likely my flabby arms would have been the least offensive fashion violation in the crowd that night.

This goes both ways though. I think so many people that have lost weight avoid going clothes shopping and instead continue to wear their big, clunky, over sized clothes day in and day out.

I was watching a Tivo'd What Not To Wear that showcased a lady that had lost 60 pounds but hadn't gone clothes shopping to celebrate her success because she didn't want to get depressed when "nothing fit". By the time Stacy and Clinton were done with her, she looked like an entirely new person, as if she'd actually lost so much more than 60 pounds, and she had confidence in her appearance.

I think it's important to embrace who we are, be confident in our bodies as they are today, dress to flatter our assets, and then let some of our insecurities go.

I was thinking that this morning as I got ready for work. It's going to again be in the high 90s and my office gets the majority of the afternoon sun which means it's going to be a scorcher. I decided to break outside of my comfort zone and am wearing a dressy tank top with capri pants and sandals. Yes, people at the office are going to be subjected to my arms. It's not just the mountains that will see them this time ... and oddly enough, I'm ok with that.

I'm taking my own advice and am embracing who I am and the body I have today.


  1. I'm guilty of continuing to wear clothes that are too big. But I do it due to not being able to afford new clothes that I have every intention of shrinking out of in the next few months anyway. I don't wear the tents, just things that are a bit too loose ... and I've bought some jeans off of ebay that are fab and fit great. :) Sounds like the concert was a great time despite the people watching. :)

  2. It always shocks me when people have muffin tops and I wonder what they say to themselves in the mirror before they leave home... "Hey my muffin top looks

    I love WNTW. I saw that episode Friday and saw myself in her shoes. I am getting supplemental peices to bridge the gap but need to stop wearing some of the more tent like stuff I have been. (I am down 47 lbs.)

    Glad you had fun at the concert though

  3. Good for you! I hate showing my arms, too - but I've gotten better about just doing it. I guess I hate being hot more than I hate people seeing my arms, lol!

  4. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog to say hello. It looks like we're both learning to accept ourselves as we are, wherever we may find ourselves at the moment. :)

    I'm still struggling, but I think I'm back on track again. It feels like it...I'm committed to blogging again and that means I want to have something GOOD to report. :)

    Glad to see you're still moving forward. I hope my blog will continue to inspire you, as your's inspires me.


  5. A few of those people hang out at our DMV. Shudder. Cover it up for cryin' out loud!!!!

    Yeah, we need to get over ourselves with some of our more jiggly bits. Bare arms aren't obscene, no matter how jiggly they are. Great post!
    Path to Health

  6. I was thinking about your post this morning as I got ready for work.
    Personally, I tend to "Hold it all in" when looking at how something fits in the mirror, and have learned to RELAX while checking the view.
    Muffin tops appear when I do that! So I think most of us might be guilty of showing our best physical self to ourselves in the mirror, and showing our relaxed physical self to the world outside the mirrored room. Relax when you check your outfit, you might be surprised. I know I am! :)

    But for me, I will not wear loose clothing as it only gives me ROOM to grow. I tend to wear things a bit too tight because it reminds me what I need to do, throughout the day. In the my near future, I won't have a muffin top, but for now...everyone will just have to deal with the way I motivate myself. :) Sorry world!

    Repeat after me: "NO STRETCHY PANTS!"


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