Monday, August 10, 2009

Taking a Break

Oh goodness. I'm tiiiiired! The fair is kicking my butt!

My schedule is completely off kilter and I'm trying desperately to stay focused and on track with the diet. I haven't indulged in fair food (wuhoo!) or fellow campers treats, but I have had a few extra fruits and proteins to get me through the day. I figure though, if I'm going to snack on anything, better to choose an apple than a hot dog. Right?

I'm missing my walks and gym workouts this week. I am walking the fairgrounds quite a bit but it's not the same as a high energy, focused workout. I'm hoping that doesn't reflect badly on the scale.

Water. With this schedule it's so hard to drink all my water during the day! I can't drink too much before we ride out on the horses (we ride for five hours without rest room breaks! eeek!) so I'm trying to get it all in before 4:00 pm. It's proving to be tough but doable.

On the upside, I'm finding a zillion little NSV (non-scale victories) as I go through this week from increased energy and physical stamina to positive thinking and will-power. It's great because I'm comparing this year to last year and finding so many things that are easier, better, and make my time at the fair so much more enjoyable. I'll write more on all of that when I have my wits about me and can actually keep my eyes open for longer than 10 mins.

I have 8 more days to go ... wow. I must figure out how to squeeze naps into my schedule this week!

On another note, I stumbled upon some great recipes from WebMD that I'm going to try this week. Thought I'd share.

Happy Monday ... right?

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  1. Oh, it sounds like you are having a wonderful time - and staying on track too! I am sure you will burn lots of cals on those 5 mile rides, so don't fret about the other exercise. It always does the body good to do something different anyway.

    Thank you so much for your comment, coming from you who has been there, it means a lot! I love the quote and it made me realise that I haven't been a follower, I have often lead the way and I jolly well will continue to now. The head stuff is half the battle for many of us and it is hard work, lol!

    Thanks again and go enjoy the fair!


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