Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Lately I've not been that great about rewarding my good behavior. I know it's the key to keeping my brain thinking that this whole losing weight thing is a good thing but it's gotten hard to think of rewards.

This is probably partly because I haven't necessarily felt like rewarding myself for doing something that I should have been doing all along anyway.

Yes, let's say this all together now, that's a sure example of stinkin' thinkin'!

I was chatting with my friend Holly today though, and we decided we needed to plan a goal trip. We're thinking somewhere localish (like Seattle) for a girls weekend of spa treatments and shopping. Awww ... doesn't that just sound amazing?

We're both going to complete our weight loss goals this year and it seems fitting that we celebrate together as we've traveled down the weight loss path side-by-side for much of this journey.

I'm anxious to plan this trip and in the meantime am getting re-inspired to treat myself more often. I need to play because I've been working hard and I need to recognize each step as I take it.

So, here's to finding new rewards and relishing in them!

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