Monday, August 31, 2009

Grocery Store Comments

Grocery stores are funny places. You can tell a lot about a person by what they put in their carts. It's as if the foods they eat tell the stories of their lives. Ok, that might be a little drastic, but it's still kinda true.

Personally, I hate grocery shopping. I avoid it which, when you're trying to eat healthy, doesn't work out so well. I find myself hitting the grocery store at least once a week now days and that was a tough thing for me to get used to! In the past I was miserable if I had to drag myself to the store once a month for a marathon packaged food trip. Going once a week was pure torture when I started on plan.

These days the trips have become more routine. I always have a grocery list so that I only purchase what I need and not what I want. I never go when I'm hungry (or at least I try really really really hard not to go when I'm hungry!). I also stick to the outer edges of the grocery store and don't venture down the oh-so-tempting aisles packed with goodies. Avoidance has been my thing for awhile and it's workin' for me.

The other day I was in a rush at the grocery store. I had things to do and people to see so I scrambled to pick up the items on my list like tomato's, spinach, onions, chicken, etc. If you hadn't guessed, chicken salad was on the evening's menu.

At the checkout, of course none of my stuff was ringing up properly. Why does that always seem to happen when you're in a hurry? Anyway, the checker was scanning, rescanning, keying in the items, and then re-keying in the items.

Frustrated, he turns to me and says: "I think this register just doesn't like or see this much healthy food in one transaction."

I chuckled. It was sad but probably true to some degree.

Even though the people in the line behind me were frustrated and giving me the evil eye (how dare I take up so much time at the register!), after he made that comment, I was proud to be standing there having issues with my produce.

In the past when in a hurried rush to get dinner, I would have gone to a drive thru instead of stopping at the grocery store. On the off chance I had a wild hair and decided to go to the grocery store (which would have been shocking in and of itself), I would have loaded up on mac and cheese, chips, desserts, or some other such frivolity instead of picking up fresh veggies and fruits to restock the fridge.

Healthy choices aren't always easy but there's nothing quite as nice as a guilt-free chicken salad with fresh veggies to make a girl feel healthy, happy, and content with her new lifestyle!


  1. That is too funny! I guess it is easier to ring up boxes of junk than healthy fruits & veggies!

    Great job!

  2. I love that you're saying all of this. I used to be a cashier when i was in high school and that I could totally judge a person by their basket. At that time I was a thin very health conscience person at that time and I would feel so bad for people when they shopped for unhealthy food. I'm back to shopping on the outskirts and it feels good to know my shopping cart is a healthy cart.

    Keep it are so inspiring.

  3. I am a cashier, and have a blog myself. I totally judge people on what they buy. I know every alcoholic in the neighborhood. It is amazing to me how some people are in every day buying beer, or wine.


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