Thursday, August 27, 2009

Driver's License Picture

Not very many people like their driver's license photos. Every once in awhile I'll meet someone that's proud of the pic and will actually not mind showing it off. But that's rare. Very rare. Most of us hide that pic and only whip it out if it's absolutely necessary.

I was one of those rare people that didn't mind my picture. I mean I wasn't like showing it to the world and posting it to Facebook but I certainly wasn't embarrassed by it and would whip it out without hesitation when needed. I'd forgotten what the picture was, frankly.

Lately though, I've been thinking it might maybe kinda sorta be time to get a new license.

The thing to put me on this path occurred at a bank when I was trying to cash a check. The cashier almost didn't let me complete the transaction when he saw my license. He looked at my ID, looked at me, looked back at the ID, back at me ... then handed it back.

"I need to get my manager," he said.

Oh great. How embarrassing.

The manager comes over, does the same double take and then says, "Ma'am, this looks like you but it could be your sister too. I'm going to let it slide this time, but you need to get a new license soon."

Really? My sister? Hmmm... They've obviously not seen my sister who is cute and skinny.

The second instance occurred this weekend. I went to a jazz and wine festival with a date and we were carded when we went in. Up until this point, I'd not shared with him my weight loss story ... cause ... well ... we're newly dating. So anyway, I hand my ID to the gate person and prepared for a double-take scenario all the while hoping that my date would be preoccupied or otherwise not noticing my license picture.

The ID person takes a couple peeks then puts on her glasses, whips out her flashlight (no, I'm not exaggerating) and does a slow overhaul of my license. After the to-do, she returns the license and says "Wow! You've lost a ton of weight since you had that picture taken!".

Wow. Really? Really? I mean really? Did she just say that in front of my date?

It was a nice compliment but I didn't expect to be offering explanations of my weight history to my date while at a jazz and wine festival.

I'm sure I turned about thirty shades of red as I took my ID back and muttered "Yep, yes I have" and stuffed it back into my wallet before my date could see the old me.

So, with these two instances, I've realized it's high time to get a new ID.

In fact, I'm making this my 120 pound reward ... which, by the way, I'll be hitting very very soon! I see the pic on the left now and see that, ok, not only I look just plain doofey but my face is huge, I have three chins, my hair is a mess, and I look frumpy and unhappy.

I need a new pic of the new me. One that's happy, healthy, vibrant and skinny! I want to be proud of my picture when I show it. And how cool will it be to update my stats with my new goal weight. That's going to feel great!


  1. Gosh, I've worried about being carded and my pic not matching my face, but so far it looks like they only care about my name matching the credit card. My driver's license pic is from when I was 9 months pregnant with twins, and about 120 lbs heavier than I am now. What a cool way of celebrating your loss!

  2. See? You could have committed the perfect crime 120lbs ago and no-one would have suspected you!

    Yep get a new license - I am sure it will save you a lot of embarassment!

  3. Take it as a compliment... and then take another driver's license picture. If I know driver's license places, they'll figure out some new way to make you look bad...

  4. Lol, this happened to me when I was home in England. In England many people use foreign drivers licenses as fake ids when they are younger. So when I moved to Canada I got a canadian drivers license and had to surrender my UK one, I was ID'd trying to get in to a night club, the guy first of all didnt believe it was a real id then didnt believe it was me because of the weight I had lost - I had a lot of explaining to do in order to get in, lol. Its embarrassing for sure. I look forward to getting a new one.

  5. I know what you mean about those kind of comments being bittersweet. That's great that you've changed that much. Such a great idea to get a new pic taken. I just may do that when I reach a 100 lb loss. Only about 34 more to go.


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