Monday, August 17, 2009

Back on Track

Goodness. The last week has been a whirlwind. I tried to embrace each moment of the time off and relish in the fact that I was spending time with my horse, doing something that I loved with friends that I really care about ... but ... well ... lack of sleep made that hard sometimes!

I'm happy to report that I did pretty well food wise. I resisted the elephant ears (ooohhh so hard), the burgers (torture!), chips (yummy!), candy (even the suckers!), and other such food temptations.

The elephant ears almost lured me in though. I was with some friends that got one and seeing that sugary sweetness just about sent me racing back to the booth to indulge my own craving. Just as I was about to make a break for it, I stumbled upon a guy selling fresh strawberries and produce. Shocking. Truly shocking. Something healthy at the fair? And I found it right at the moment when I was about to break from my diet? Amazing. I ended up buying the strawberries and then "splurging" on a fat-free, nonfat, decaf, white chocolate and carmel latte. Pure goodness and the best part was that it was all guilt free.

I'm not sure that the scale will be my friend tomorrow. I did eat more protein and fruit than I should have, I didn't exercise very much, and it was very difficult to get all my water in everyday.

Regardless of the numbers though, I'm counting this as a victory. I was faced with a lot of temptation over the last 10 days and I successfully tested and used my "no" in all instances. I felt strong, in control, happy, healthy, and successful.

There's real power in knowing that I can do this even in the face of such circumstances.

This week I'm focused on water, exercise, and eating carefully. Those last pounds need to come off already!

I hope you all are gearing up for a great week too!


  1. There are some forms of healthy exercise that can be very enriching to your life. Not all exercise regimes must be heavy and long. You can make sure to get activity in your day without having to dedicate too much time that you do not have. Staying physically fit can help you stay healthy longer and lead to a long life in general. Some consider exercise as cleaning out the system. Your blood and heart pumps more vigorously and oxygen is sent more efficiently through the body.

  2. Totally agree with maria. And don't force yourself to push the limits just workout out around 45 to 60mins. and you will be good for a day. And keep your diet simple with low fat low calorie and your good to go!



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