Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3500 calories

That's how many calories it takes to lose or gain a pound. Why oh why it is easier to eat those calories than to lose them?

I just got done at a refresh of The Healthy Weigh's food plan in hopes that I would get reinspired and knock out this last 35 pounds. One of my biggest take aways was the whole calorie and deficit thing.

Intrinsuiqly I knew this information. I mean, I knew that 3500 calories was a pound but when we started adding up my own numbers, it made it real to me.

I need to have a daily deficit of 890 calories per day to lose 2 pounds per week. Wowza. That's a lot of calories that I can't eat! If I consume over my food allotment for the day, those are calories that will need to be burned in order to keep losing.

Kinda makes those gummy worms not so appealing, frankly. 300 calories goes by quickly. That's a couple extra bites of cottage cheese, a extra fruit, a few extra pieces of Melba toast (yes, I live on the edge sometimes). It all adds up.

I think it's so easy to say "oh, it's just a little bit" and then consume accordingly but the reality is that every single thing that goes into our mouths has calories. From our lips to our hips.

I've made a big print out of the 890 number to keep plastered above my computer screen at work. It's not that pretty to look at, but it does the trick. I need that reminder of how many calories I need to stay away from.

This is doable and now I need to buckle down and get 'er done!


  1. I think this is where the exercise comes into its own, really. It helps allow us to eat a little more.

    Love the sticker - go for it, you can do it!

  2. How many calories are you eating in a day? Good luck fighting those 890 cals! You will drop those 35lbs in no time!

  3. Jen: On the days I workout, I eat 1200 calories. On the days I don't, I drop to 970 calories. So ... not a lot but it's a very balanced plan with the daily recommended servings of fruit, veggies, protiens, starches, etc.

    Thanks, FatFreeMe, for your support! We both can do this! Right? :)

  4. Great post. It definitely makes you think about eating those extra calories and you see the impact at the end of the week!

  5. Wow, you are right, that is a LOT of calories to drop! I like how you printed it out and posted it.
    You're right, it definitely does all add up, and rather quickly, too.


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