Friday, July 24, 2009

Numbers Update

Here's what staying 100% focused and on plan does for my body ... I drop 6 pounds in one week!

Wuhoo! I'm down to 192.something which is the lowest I've been thus far. After my trip-up the last couple weeks, I feel that I'm back and ready to kick this weight loss thing into high gear.

It got me thinking though about how easy it is to throw myself off plan and how easily I can quickly add in calories without even thinking about it. How many times have I said to myself "oh, it's just a couple extra bites of cottage cheese" or "one teeny tiny extra serving of starch won't matter too much".

Obviously it matters. My body tells me it matters by not dropping the weight.

I can offer every kind of excuse in the book as to why I'm not losing weight one week (extra workouts, water retention, girlie stuff, etc.) but the reality is that most of the time (granted not all the time), I don't lose the weight because I'm taking liberates I might not even be aware of.

I'm in the home stretch on this whole weight loss thing. I've only got another 35 pounds to lose.

Wow. 35 pounds. That's incredible. That's so within reach. That's doable. After losing 115, 35 is a drop in the bucket.

Today I'm repeating those statements to myself over and over and over and over and hoping that they keep me centered, focused, and 100% on plan so that I can kick the rest of this weight off my body!


  1. So...I read the line, "I've only got another 35 to go"...and I said "Wow'...then I read your next word! "Wow". I guess how ever you look at it, it's wow! I'm so proud of you...I'm so excited for you...let me say it backwards...Wow!

  2. Wow! 6lbs off in a week - amazing. Just goes to show if you nip it in the bud quickly it comes off a lot easier than if it is allowed to settle (or get added to).

    Oh, just 35 left - that is doable - go for it, I know it is in you!

  3. 6 lbs in one week! Wow!! You are awesome!! You are sooooo close to your goal.

  4. That's a good progress! You're such an inspiration. Keep up the hard work! Bless you!




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