Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Numbers Update

So the news isn't all bad.

I was down 1 pound from Thursday but up 4 from the previous week which puts me at 199. I was thrilled to see I wasn't over the 200 mark cause that might have put me over the edge!

This week I'm 100% back on track and focused. I'm pulling myself up by my bootstraps, figuring out why I was so consciously off plan and then determining to charge forward.

As mentioned yesterday, we all stumble, but I think the true test of character comes in how we handle the fall. I've done quite a bit of soul searching to figure out why I made the decisions I made and that search has been enlightening.

One thing that Glenda pointed out (and this is sooo true) is that even though I went off plan, I didn't do what I would have done in the past. Back in the day, I would have eaten a whole pizza, consumed a whole bag of chips, or had a whole six pack of beer (yikes!). So, this time, even though I indulged, I listened to my new healthy inner voice that told me I didn't need to binge on the foods and could instead enjoy them for what they were.

I'm taking comfort in the fact that my thinking is changing regardless of the minor stumble and celebrating the changes that are coming about in my life.

I'm back at it and looking forward to a big, awesome drop in numbers tomorrow!


  1. Just your reaction to your stumble is a big step in the right direction.

    Close call with the big 2-0-0H!

  2. It is great news that you are still under 200! I know that you have the fight to continue with your weight loss.

    I have just been reading your posts that I missed while I was away - I see that you are only 5'4" - us shorties just can't get away with any excess weight can we (I am only a piddling 5'2")? LOL at the feet story too, maybe it is because you can see more of them now your tummy isn't in the way - heh-heh!

    Love your post about the hay bales - that really brings it home, doesn't it and isn't it great to feel strong again? I am so pleased for you being able to do that!

    This is going to be a long comment, but I also want to say when you mentioned in another earlier post about a friend using an elastic band on her wrist as a reminder. That is a great idea, but like you it would irritate my skin, so I think I just may invest in a little gold or silver bracelet to wear as a reminder - when I am at the lost 50lbs mark. Thanks so much for such a great idea.

    Your blog is great and you are great - I know you can do this - go girl!

  3. Yeah! It's just as easy to lose the weight as it is to gain. I'm glad that your binge wasn't like the "old days" and that you're still in "onederland." :-)

  4. Love your transparency, my friend. Thank you!
    And congrats on it not being a horrific sort of damage on the scale! Keep living victorious!


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