Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good Butt Jeans

Since losing weight, I've become a jean fanatic. I am truly obsessed with finding the best pair of jeans out there and have therefore been hitting the stores way too often to hunt them down.

It used to be that I had one option for jeans (Lane Bryant) and I didn't ever try them on before buying them. LB jeans have a lot of stretch so there wasn't really a need to be precise when I picked out a pair. They all made me look fat cause ... well ... I was!

The jean world has now opened up in front of me and the options are limitless. I can walk into any store and find jeans. Well, any store but LB! What a feeling! For once I get to be picky in my jean selection.

And I've become meticulous. Is the cut right? Do they hang low enough but not too low? Do the pockets sit on the butt in the right place? It's all very silly and yet so fun at the same time!

I was at Nordstrom Rack the other day and bought two pair of jeans. One Lucky brand and one DKNY. Never ever would I have thought that I would be wearing these brands and that they would look good on me let alone have them be size 10s. This was total validation that it's not a fluke! I've now bought numerous jeans in size 10! Wuhoo! Cool!

I got home from my little shopping trip, pulled out my "starter" jeans, put them on the bed and then put my new ones next to them. How incredible to see that difference. My new jeans are more than 1/2 the size of my old jeans.

I'm including a pic below even though it doesn't do the reality justice. Look at the difference in the thighs though. Wow. The big girl jeans used to be tight (even with the stretch) on my thighs. Crazy.

I gotta tell you, I so prefer the cute, good butt jeans to the old stretchy fat girl jeans! I like this new world. I open my closet and am happy to have cute options.

Life is good.


  1. How awesome! I cant wait to once again be picky about the clothes I wear!

  2. Aren't those the jeans Hoss wore in Bonzana?

  3. That is VERY awesome. I can't wait until I can fit into 10's! You'd think at 180 I'd be there, but no, I'm still in 13's.

    Congrats! You've come such a long way and have every reason to enjoy it!

  4. I have a severe trouser shortage at the moment and the only new ones I have bought are jeans in ever decreasing sizes! I can only dream of size 10...

    That picture is amazing - it makes it all worth while, eh?

  5. That's so fantastic!! I've got a pair of size 10 jeans hanging in my closet. Hope to be in them by the end of the year. :-) I've still got a few LB items that I can still wear, but they are slowly but surely getting bigger. I plan on NEVER shopping there again altough they do have some cute clothes.

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